Digital Signage API

Screenly's API enables developers to deeply integrate Screenly's digital signage platform into their applications and services.

The goal with Screenly is to take the hassle out of digital signage. Our users love how easy it is to use our web interface to manage their screens.

What we have learned since we launched Screenly is that there are far more use cases for Screenly than we could have ever possibly have imagined. This is why the next natural step in Screenly is to open up our API to our users.


Whether you just want to automate asset uploads or build an entire service on top of Screenly, our API will allow you (or your developers) to do this. If you have any project that needs to display content on a screen remotely, Screenly (combined with our API) will help you solve this so that you can focus on building your product and running your business.

Like all modern APIs, Screenly’s API is RESTful and JSON based.

Join the waitlist

While we’ve had an API internally from the very beginning, our API isn’t publicly available just yet. If you want to get notified and join our Screenly API beta program when it becomes available, please sign up here.

Want to take a sneak peek at our API? Check out our article Building intelligent digital signage for retail.