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5 days ago daniel mountcastle
Screenly Cast - Digital signage wordpress plugin

One major benefit of Screenly’s digital signage solutions is the ability to easily display live web pages on your digital signage displays. This feature allows...

12 days ago daniel mountcastle
Measuring return on objective for digital signage

In a previous post, we took an honest look at calculating digital signage ROI. We rolled up our sleeves, and we got our hands dirty...

22 days ago daniel mountcastle
An honest look at calculating digital signage ROI

If you are considering digital signage for your company or organization, a natural question to ask is, “How do I accurately measure the return on...

26 days ago daniel mountcastle
Library digital signage ideas and examples

A typical library user’s experience is quite mundane. The member visits the building, completes research or study work, and leaves. This is often done with...

40 days ago daniel mountcastle
Points to consider when getting started with digital signage

When businesses are first getting started in digital signage, there are often a lot of questions in need of answers. Implementing a great digital signage...

46 days ago daniel mountcastle
Digital Signage Uses in Schools

Digital signage is not only useful for a company’s marketing and advertising needs. In fact, this is a common misconception, and it could not be...