Screenly Reseller Program

Screenly's reseller program is an excellent way for you to boost your company's revenue. Here we discuss the features of Screenly's reseller program.

Since we first launched Screenly, we’ve had boatloads of requests from companies around the world looking to resell Screenly. We’re now happy to announce the availability of this program.

About the program

Screenly’s Reseller program is designed to be very similar to Google Apps for Work Reseller Program. In short, this is how the program works:

  • For each qualified new customer you refer, you get 15% of what they spend on subscriptions each month*.
  • Payouts will happen every month (assuming the minimal payout threshold has been reached).


In a global world, payouts are tricky. This is why we have a few different payout methods:

Payment Method Territories Payout Threshold
Bitcoin (preferred) All None
Wire transfer** All $500
Check U.S. $250

Premium resellers

If you refer more than 100 paying customers per year, you will become a “Premium Reseller.” We will feature these resellers on a separate page. We may also share regional leads to these customers (where we deem appropriate).

Our Premium resellers will also have access to communicate directly with our team members instead of the regular support channels.

Premium resellers will also be invited to a monthly “office hour”.

Getting started

To join the Screenly Reseller Program, please visit

Make sure you are using your referral code for your customer referrals. If you do not, the referral will not be credited to your account. It is not possible to retrospectively credit any lead you brought unless the referral code was used. See the reseller agreement for full details.

Additional opportunities

In addition to being able to collect a nice monthly payment from the customers that you refer, there are other things you can do to boost your revenue. We’re a global service provider, but you have “boots on the ground,” which allows you to help companies with things that we cannot. For instance, you can do:

  • Physical installation and setup for customers.
  • Create custom content for customers that is tailored to their exact need.

The fine print

By signing up to the Screenly Reseller Program, you agree to the Screenly Reseller Agreement.

* Limited to the first three years.

** The wire transfer fees will be deducted from your balance.