Using Apple Keynote with Screenly

Keynote from Apple is the presentation tool for many Apple users. This is how you can use it with Screenly.

Great digital signs need great content. One of the ways to create great content for your digital sign is by using Apple Keynote, free presentation software made by Apple. This software comes pre-installed on most Apple computers and devices, and Apple Keynote is easy and intuitive to use. Apple Keynote makes visual content creation fast with 30 preset theme designs and 700 customizable shapes and symbols. Also, Apple Keynote works seamlessly with the Apple Pencil so that you can add your own illustrations to each slide. Here, we show you how to use Apple Keynote to create beautiful content for your digital signs.

Creating digital sign content with Apple Keynote is just like creating any other presentation slides with the software. The only difference is that instead of displaying these slides on a projector to an auditorium of people, you display these slides on a digital sign to your customers or team. A digital sign can be any smart TV, monitor, or HDMI-compatible display.

To ensure that your Apple Keynote slides look great on your digital sign, make sure you set the slides to 1920p x 1080p. You can do this by clicking the “Document” tab on the top right. Then, under “Slide Size” on the right-hand menu, choose “Custom Slide Size.” If the slide size is not already set to a width of 1920p and a height o 1080p, you can set this now.

Next, you will need to export your slides to use them as an asset on your digital sign. Click “File” then click “Export To.” Within the “Export To” sub-menu, click “Image.” Next, select which images you want to export. For most use cases you will select “All” for all slides. Then, under the “Format” sub-menu select “JPEG (High Quality).”

The next step for displaying Apple Keynote slides on your digital sign is to upload the slide images onto your Screenly account. Click on “Assets” on the top-bar menu within your Screenly account. Next, click “+ Add Files…” to add the images or drag-and-drop the image files onto asset page uploader. Once your images upload, you can then change the duration that each image will play on your digital sign.

Next, navigate to the “Playlists” page by clicking the relevant icon on the top-bar menu. Then, select the playlist where you want your slides to play. If you do not have custom playlists, you can always add your Apple Keynote images to the default “Play on All Screens” playlist. To finish up, select each of the uploaded slides. Then click “Done” and “Save.” Now you should be all set. Your Apple Keynote slides will now display on your digital sign!

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