Using Grafana with Screenly

Grafana is an amazing data visualization tool that can be displayed on Screenly digital signage.

Grafana brands itself as “The open platform for beautiful analytics and monitoring.” Grafana lives up to its claim. With Grafana, you can gather data from 51 data sources, and you can display this data on 1,392 pre-configured dashboards.

Important data sources and applications that are compatible with Grafana include Graphite, Elasticsearch, Cloudwatch, InfluxDB, Prometheus, and Hosted Metrics.

Grafana supports a variety of visualisations including heatmaps, histograms, graphs, and geomaps. When your data falls above or below a certain threshold, you can receive a timely alert via channels such as Slack and Pagerduty. Grafana is also open source, so it’s entirely free to use.

With Screenly, you can easily display your Grafana dashboards on your digital signs. This ability is important, as great dashboards are only useful if your team can see the dashboards and take action on the data. Displaying your Grafana dashboards on your digital displays ensures that everyone is on the same page with your data. You can find our Grafana support announcement on our blog.

Setting up Grafana with Screenly

For you to display your Grafana dashboards on your Screenly digital signs, you must take a few additional steps. These extra steps come from the need to authenticate your digital signage with Grafana.

We wrote a detailed blog post on how to log in to your Grafana dashboards with Screenly Pro using bearer tokens and basic auth. You can find this article on how to log in to Grafana with Screenly Pro on our blog.

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