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Digital signs for managed service providers (MSPs)

Screenly enables managed service providers (MSPs) to add digital signage services and earn more revenue. A digital sign is any screen or monitor that displays custom digital content, such as menu boards, promotional offers, calendars, weather forecasts, event notices, and data dashboards.

Our technical expertise and intuitive user interface makes it easy for MSPs to meet their clients’ digital signage needs. In addition to one-off installations, MSPs can also offer ongoing digital signage support packages for monthly recurring revenue.

An overview of Screenly digital signage for MSPs

Screenly provides both the hardware for initial setup and the software for ongoing digital sign content management. Digital signage hardware includes a digital signage player, the Screenly Player, which is a small, physical device that renders content to a TV screen or monitor. Screenly digital signage software allows teams and supporting MSPs to manage content remotely from an intuitive web interface. The main benefits of Screenly digital signage for an MSP’s customers include:

  • The ability to display Full HD images, videos, slide shows, and web content reliably.

  • The ability to manage content remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • The ability to move away from static signs that are less visually engaging and harder to change.

We have found that the required level of digital signage content control varies by MSP customer. Some customers want to have full control of their digital signage content and be able to change out content whenever they wish. Other customers want to have fully managed digital signage content and have their MSP take care of content design, production, management, and scheduling. MSPs can offer monthly service contracts for these additional client needs and build predictable, recurring revenue for their business.

Key Screenly features for MSP digital signage

For MSPs themselves, the main benefits of Screenly digital signage include:

  • Multi-team accounts. This functionality allows MSPs to set up clients as individual teams with their own usernames and passwords. MSPs can then take care of administrative tasks for the account and log in remotely to help troubleshoot.

  • Team-specific billing. This functionality allows MSPs to keep billing information for each client separate. Additionally, MSPs can revoke client access to billing information and other account settings. Manual billing and invoicing billing options are also available.

  • Secure digital signage. Screenly focuses on security at every step of hardware and software development. This focus helps keep your clients’ digital signs secure and protected from embarrassing hacks.

  • Screen health management. With Screenly, MSPs can view the health of client screens on a central dashboard and receive alerts when a screen no longer communicates with Screenly servers. This functionality allows MSPs to be proactive when screens need troubleshooting. Instead of clients coming to the MSP to report a problem, the MSP can arrive onsite before the client notices there is an issue with their digital signs. Screenly makes fleet management for remote devices easy.

  • Ease of use. Screenly features an intuitive user interface that can enable anybody to manage their digital signage content. Non-technical users can become proficient with our user interface in just minutes. This capability means that MSPs and client teams can easily pass on digital signage management responsibilities to non-technical professionals, such as individuals on the sales and marketing teams.

Screenly offers the technical detail to fit the most complex client uses cases and the usability to fit easily within any team’s workflow.

Getting your MSP started with digital signage

To get started with digital signage, reach out to Screenly Sales to book a demo call. We can walk you through our digital signage software on the demo call, and we can help customize a solution for your MSP’s unique needs. Pricing varies by screen volume.

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Screenly is loaded with features to make digital signage management easy.

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