Using Google Slides with Screenly

Google Slides is a popular web based presentation tool. This is how you can use it with Screenly.

Google Slides is a free web application that makes it super easy to create visual content for slideshows. Google Slides comes packed with free design themes, fonts, and customization features so that you can make each presentation an expression of yourself and your ideas. If you need some guidance on where to start or how to structure your presentation, Google Slides also provides pre-made templates for common presentations types such as pitches or portfolio displays. Google Slides also works across devices so that you can easily create and edit your visual content on the go.

While Google Slides is useful for making presentations for use with your team, it is also an excellent tool for creating digital sign content. Google Slides make it really easy to arrange, edit, and tweak content for the big screen. Here we provide a step-by-step guide on how to display digital sign content on the big screen.

First, open your Google Slides presentation online. Go through your slides and make sure to arrange your content just as you want to view it on your screen. Next, it is essential to set the size of your slides to 1920px by 1080px. This size optimizes your Google Slides content for Screenly digital signage displays.

Next, download your slides as a JPEG image. To do this, go to each slide and click “File” then “Download as.” In the “Download as” sub-menu click “JPEG image.” Your slides will then download to your computer.

You are now ready to upload your Google Slides content as digital sign content on your Screenly account. To do this, navigate to the Assets menu and click “+ Add asset.” Then, click “+ Add files” and select the downloaded JPEG images of your slides. Click “Open” in the selection popup. Once your image load, click “Back to Assets.” You can then change the duration of each asset from the default duration of 10 seconds. You can do this in the menu that appears after clicking the title of each asset. Changing the duration time of particular Google Slides is useful as some slides have more content than other slides and simply take longer to read.

That’s it! If you followed the steps above, you are now using Google Slides for your digital sign content.

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