About Us

About Us

Screenly is the market’s premiere solution for digital signage management.

We started in 2011, all from our founders’ earnest desire to solve their own digital signage needs with a cost-effective yet effective solution. Screenly’s first product, Screenly OSE, was developed to provide this solution. Screenly OSE is an open source, Raspberry-Pi based product for digital signage management, and it is now the most popular digital signage management solution on GitHub. Due to its low price point, the cost-effective Raspberry-Pi mini-computer allowed Screenly to be quickly adopted by a wide audience.

We quickly realized that there was massive market demand for cost-effective digital signage, and our founders soon after developed Screenly into a full-fledged commercial company. The Screenly team then built its flagship product, Screenly Pro - a robust digital signage management solution with a rich set of enterprise-grade features. These features include cloud-based digital signage content management, digital signage player performance management and status alerts, and advanced content timing and sequence logic.

Today, Screenly powers thousands of digital signage screens around the world for hundreds of businesses and organizations. Screenly’s digital signage solutions enable digital signage across a variety of sectors and business verticals for both customer-facing and employee-facing digital signage needs. Screenly Pro now employs an energetic team of talented developers, designers, and sales & marketing personnel who work day in and day out to provide your business with the most adaptable, secure, and dependable digital signage solution on the market.

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