Restaurant digital signage and digital menu boards

A solution for restaurant digital signage

Restaurant digital signage enables restaurants to display eye-catching digital menus and engaging promotional content to customers. Screenly provides a robust solution for restaurant digital signs that allows restaurant staff to manage their digital restaurant signs from a central web interface. With Screenly, users can set and forget their restaurant digital signage and focus on the tasks that really matter for growing their restaurant.

Benefits of restaurant digital signage

Screenly provides a variety of useful features for restaurant digital signage. These features include remote content management, content scheduling, screen health monitoring. Read more on each of these features and how they can benefit your restaurant below.

Remote content management for restaurant digital signs

This feature allows restaurants staff to change and update their digital signage content from their computer. Content can be changed out at the restaurant or from a central restaurant management office. This feature is useful, as without it users will need to manually update content with a USB drive. This manual process is a hassle as it takes quite a long time and it is unsightly for customers. Imagine your digital restaurant signs displaying a black screen for twenty minutes during business hours as an employee stands on a chair and attempts to update the screen’s content - not good.

With remote content management, restaurant staff can easily change out the displayed content by using a web interface on a laptop. All they have to do is drag-and-drop the desired image, motion-graphic, or video asset and upload this content to their account. The content will then start displaying on the screen. Note that content can be changed out for screens in different restaurant locations as well. If you have multiple digital signage screens, you can chose to manage them all together or break them into different groups with group-specific content. This feature is important for franchise restaurants with multiple locations as it enables a single employee to quickly manage the restaurant’s media for the entire restaurant chain.

Content scheduling for digital menu boards

Many restaurants use digital menu boards to display different menus during breakfast, lunch, and dinner hours. Screenly’s digital menu software for TVs allows restaurant to schedule their menu content easily. Out-of-the-box, Screenly comes with a sophisticated playlist feature that allows users to schedule their menu board content in advance. Chances are that you have different menu items offered at different times of the day. Maybe you have a separate breakfast menu, lunch menu and dinner menu. Perhaps you even have a special weekend or happy hour menu. Of course, you don’t want to display your dinner menu during the lunchtime rush. With a TV menu board powered by Screenly, you can set your different menus to automatically change a predetermined times. All you need to do is to tell the system when to play each menu, and Screenly will take care of the rest.

Do you need your restaurant digital signage to work across different time zones? No problem. Screenly works great for large restaurant franchises that operate across multiple time zones. You can set the time zone separately for each digital signage screen or group of screens.

To learn more on digital menu boards, take a look at our article on how to increase restaurant sales with digital menu boards.

Restaurant digital signage on a wall.

Screen health monitoring for your restaurant digital signage

Screenly’s intuitive user interface makes it super easy to monitor your TV menu boards for an playback issues or malfunctions. With Screenly, a restaurant’s IT or content management employees can quickly glance at a dashboard to monitor the status of their screens. This feature is important, as restaurant staff can address any screen malfunctions quickly. Without this feature, the responsible parties may have to wait hours before they hear from frontline restaurant employees about any issues with the restaurant menu boards. This communication delay is particularly common when those responsible for managing a screen’s content work offsite from the restaurant location. When a restaurant menu board is down, this issue is particularly visible to customers and it does not provide a positive image for your restaurant.

Cost effective

To run a restaurant digital sign, you will need a digital signage player for each TV. This is a physical piece of hardware that renders your content to the display screen. Screenly’s digital signage player, the Screenly Player, is a cost-effective and energy-efficient digital signage player. With the Screenly Box 0, we’ve bundled the Screenly Player with all required connection cords for your first restaurant digital sign. You can purchase a Screenly Box 0 from on of our distributors. All you need to do is to plug your Screenly Player into the wall outlet and your display screen, and you have your first restaurant digital sign.

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