Screenly makes it easy for users to manage their digital signs at scale. In the past, digital signs were monitored in-person, meaning that users were only identified of an issue if they saw a screen malfunctioning themselves or if somebody reported the issue.

Management Dashboard

Today, the Screenly management dashboard allows users to manage the health of their digital signage fleet at a glance. When a user logs in to their online Screenly account, they can immediately see the health of their screens on a color-coded map.

Screen health data includes which screens are online, which screens have out-of-sync content, which screens are offline, and which screens are inactive. Teams can also set alerts via email and the Screenly PagerDuty integration so that they are immediately notified if a screen malfunctions and needs attention.

Display your best content with Screenly digital signs.

Screenly is loaded with features to make digital signage management easy.

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