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Screenly is the best way to display content on your screens. Our software is easy to set up, quick to manage and power efficient. Managing your public facing screens couldn't get any easier.

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It’s easy.

Manage a Media Empire from

Running your own signage network shouldn't require a computer science degree. Screenly is so simple you don't even need a manual.

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It’s Secure.

Screenly is a set and forget solution.

Both security updates and software updates are automatically shipped to the devices. There’s no need for you to manually apply updates to get the the latest features or security fixes.

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It’s Extendable.

While our focus is on simplicity, sometimes you need more.

Use our API, advanced predicates and third party apps to automate and extend your screens.

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It’s Powerful.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the player.

It’s able to play full HD videos and images content without breaking a sweat.

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