We make digital signage.

Screenly is the best way to display content on your screens.

Use our software and hardware to power everything from small desk signs to screen deployments for nationwide gym chains. Screenly is simple, eco-friendly and secure.


Plug and (dis)play.
A media player so simple it fits in your pocket.

Quick setup

Our dedicated media player is simple. Plug in two cords, and you're ready to go.

Always on

Stability is key for your content. With no moving parts and rock solid software, our player is built for constant use.

Photo of Screenly device.
Manage online

Controlling one or many screens is a breeze with our simple web interface.

Easy content

When it comes to content, your job couldn't be easier. Display videos, websites and images in Full HD. You'll schedule them in seconds.

Safety first.
Best make it second and third too.

The most secure digital signage player ever.

We care deeply about security. Screenly is designed from the ground up with security in mind. We seamlessly deliver and install all software updates to each device. Also, we use as few software components as possible to do the job. Those we do use are isolated from each other to provide in-depth defence. Needless to say, there’s no hackable default password.

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By 2020 over 25% of enterprise hacking will target IoT devices. IDC’s Worldwide Security Predictions

You've got the power.
Under control.

Discover a truly eco-friendly player.

When your screens run all day, every day, power usage really matters. It matters for both your wallet and the environment. With a vanishingly small power draw, you could run dozens of Screenly Player devices and still save energy compared to a traditional big box signage solution.

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Spend as little as
in electricity per year
Achieve up to an
reduction in CO2 emissions
Avoid up to
14.5 lbs
of electronic waste
Save up to
in electricity per year
Compared to a traditional digital signage PC (source).

Protect the environment.
Protect your budget.

Screenly Player weighs only 0.45 lbs, power adapter included. This means the environmental impact of your digital signage is significantly reduced. Less weight means less electronic waste in landfills. Also, the smaller dimensions of the device and its packaging allow more efficient shipping and handling.

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More than meets the eye.
(And we're in the business of meeting eyes.)

TV with Screenly device.
Protected against internet downtime.

We know that your screens are out in the real world. Things happen. By playing locally-stored content whenever your internet goes down, Screenly Player handles lost connections with ease.


Use our API to automate and extend your screen management. First and third party apps allow new functionality at the touch of a button.

Right on time.

Use our scheduling system to set up a month's worth of digital signage in a single sitting. Schedule menu specials to display only at lunch time, or schedule reminders to display on the days leading up to an event.

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Get started with Screenly.
Digital signage made easy.

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