Edge Apps run natively on the device, guaranteeing flawless playback, even in the absence of internet. The direct device service translates to lightning-fast load times.

But Edge Apps is not just about these fundamental perks. Here’s a deeper dive into its key offerings:

  • Rich Metadata: Edge Apps intuitively embed distinct metadata, facilitating logic driven by exact GPS coordinates, labels/tags.
  • Skip the Hosting: With Edge Apps operating straight from the device, you can bid farewell to hosting servers, its associated expenses, and notably, eliminate a potential Single Point of Failure (SPoF).
  • Hardware Integration: Unlike standard web pages, Edge Apps provide an immersive interface with the tangible world. Soon, you’ll be able to connect with hardware components like buttons, sensors, and local systems like your proprietary ERP system.
  • Modern Workflow: Keeping contemporary developers at the core, Edge Apps ensure a smooth workflow. Utilize our Command-Line Interface (CLI) to craft, examine, and deploy apps. Seamlessly embed this into your CI/CD pipeline.

The Screen Paradigm

Screens are omnipresent. Be it digital signage, self check-out stations, kiosks, navigational displays, or vending interfaces — they’re essentially screens with unique peripherals. For instance, a self check-out unit integrates a computer, touch screen, card reader, and a receipt issuer.

screenly playground
screenly playground
screenly playground
screenly playground

Crafting for such devices? You’re not just penning down your proprietary application (the crux of your business value) but also navigating a maze of challenges from app distribution, device administration, OS decisions, to hardware selection. Although these don’t enhance your business value, overlooking them is a ticket to vulnerabilities and cyber threats. Dive deeper into this with our articles: A False Sense of Security and our Security page.

Now for the silver lining: We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Our decade-long journey has birthed, arguably, the most fortified digital signage platform out there. Initially, its capabilities might have seemed like overkill for just rendering images or videos. But that paved our way to the new era of Screenly, where we fling open our platform’s doors to developers.

With Edge Apps, your energy is channeled to what truly drives your business: the application and its underlying logic. Trust us with the groundwork. Sleep easy knowing automatic security patches are in place, and pour your resources into amplifying customer value instead of wrestling with wild device management.

The cherry on top? If you have our Screenly Players, they’re already Edge Apps-ready. If our demo assets are in action, the sheer prowess of Edge Apps is already enlivening your screens. Propel into the future of screen tech with Screenly’s low-code Edge Apps framework and elevate your content like never before!

Screenly Playground

You can find a lot of examples in our Playground on GitHub.

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screenly playground

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