Digital Signage for Hospitals

Please note that the medical facility described here has requested that we withhold their name and other company information for privacy reasons. In this case study, we refer to the company simply as “the medical facility”.


  • With annual savings of over $20,000, the medical facility seeks to double their number of Screenly systems in the next two to five years.
  • The medical facility plans for an another 100 screens in addition to the 120 screens currently installed.
  • Employees now enjoy smooth and consistent in-house communication, and, as a result, the medical facility shows boosted levels of employee engagement.

Company background

The medical facility is a US-based general acute care hospital that has over 500 beds and provides for between 250,000 and 300,000 patients annually. Additionally, the medical facility operates one of the largest emergency rooms in the country.

Utilizing an integrated health care delivery model, the medical facility alleviates a lack of healthcare access that would otherwise affect the surrounding community of over 1 million people.

The medical facility’s innovative healthcare model integrates patient navigation resources, electronic medical records, population-based care, and graduate medical education. Over 650 physicians are invested in more than 70 medical specialties in fields such as family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery, and obstetrics and gynecology.

The challenge

Previous attempts to utilize other digital signage solutions did not fare well for the medical facility. Managing ad hoc technology became increasingly tedious and financially draining. Moreover, the task of efficiently delivering content became a more difficult feat when the medical facility’s advertising campaign was extended to third-party facilities.

An alternative was needed. The medical facility considered the following requirements for this needed alternative:

  • Cost-effective hardware with small environmental footprint
  • Remote screen management capabilities with automatic updates
  • Hardened security suitable for a medical environment
  • Simple interface to facilitate frequent content updates

The solution

For the medical facility, Screenly was primarily adopted for in-house advertising and patient education purposes. However, one manager at the medical facility notes that Screenly provides additional value as “the perfect solution for our in-house employee communication boards and food services locations.”

Unlike the medical facility’s previous digital signage solutions, Screenly provides the medical facility with the ability to manage screens outside of their network without third-party firewall configuration and security concerns. Most importantly, Screenly’s simple, intuitive user interface made the choice to switch a no-brainer for the medical facility’s marketing department.

The previously mentioned manager recalls what an easy process it was to adopt Screenly. The solution was “so intuitive” that it took no more than “a simple meeting of less than two hours” to train the marketing department on how to operate Screenly-powered screens. Afterwards, barely any occasion called for further guidance. The medical facility has been using Screenly without major issues for over a year - an impressive duration for a solution to run hassle-free.

The medical facility currently manages about 120 screens through Screenly. With the initial deployment of Screenly complete, the medical facility plans to add a significant number of screens to complement the medical facility’s recent growth. In fact, over one hundred screens are estimated to accompany the doubling of the medical facility’s health systems over the next two to five years.

The results

Screenly’s consistent delivery of the medical facility’s content “anywhere within minutes” was so flawless that, in the previously mentioned manager’s words, “every time we’ve experienced an issue it’s because we forgot to configure the network port.” On top of Screenly’s easy deployment and setup, the medical facility has received outstanding customer service from Screenly. As the manager recounts, “Screenly has been very receptive to our needs and suggestions… I don’t feel that we would have received this level of attention from another vendor.”

Financially, Screenly has led to drastic cost reductions. Screenly has saved the medical facility up to 130 working hours per month that previously went into updating digital signage content. This translates to an annual savings of over $20,000. In addition, Screenly has enabled the medical facility to “expand to partner facilities and local venues with little effort.”

Moreover, some less quantifiable - but nonetheless valuable - results have followed, such as improved customer and employee engagement. The manager at the medical facility elaborates that as a result of Screenly, employees appear “more engaged in organizational events”.

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You can also get started with ready-to-go content templates for hospital digital signs on Canva linked here.

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