Digital Signage in Lobbies

Screenly is a powerful platform to communicate your message to your visitors in the lobby.

If done right, putting up signs in the lobby of your company can improve the experience of visitors. The key here is done right. There are a number of pitfalls that you should avoid. Let’s explore the unique challenges of digital signage in lobbies.

Video walls

It’s fairly common to see video wall installations in lobbies. There are a number of jaw-dropping installations around the world. What’s rarely discussed however is the cost of both content and hardware for such installations.

If you’re not swimming in cash, then you likely do care about these factors. Luckily, there is a solution for this. With Screenly you can create a cost effective video wall.

Not only does our approach use cost effective hardware, but it also allows you to use regular 1080p content, instead of having to create custom (read expensive) content that is unique to these video wall installations.

Keep it simple

It’s too common to see screens overloaded with content. Don’t fall for the argument that having more content on screens is better. Stick to your key message. This is particularly important for a lobby installation. You want to make an positive impression on your visitors and employees. The best way to do that is to keep the content elegant and simple. Less is more. If visitors or employees want to check the news, weather or stocks, their smartphone is far more suited for that.

It is important to note that a business’s lobby is a unique location in that it serves the needs of both the business’s customers and its employees. Customers pass through the lobby to engage in business with the firm, and employees pass through the lobby to service these customers. The lobby thereby provides a unique opportunity for businesses to implement digital signage that serves the needs of both customers and employees. Below, we will briefly detail several uses for digital signage in your lobby.

Employee-Centered Uses for Digital Lobby Signage

For employees, digital lobby signage can be a great channel for internal communication and message broadcasting. Often, the first recommendation employees have for their company is to improve communication, and digital signage can help address this.

For example, digital lobby signage can be used to update employees on upcoming events and meetings or on general company updates. Additionally, more granular business information can be shared such as business analytics on a company dashboard or project updates on workflow management software. Businesses can use digital signage to show information on room bookings and availability as well.

The other main category of employee-centered uses for digital lobby signage has to do with improving corporate culture. An example of this would be businesses using lobby digital signage to give a public shoutout on employee birthdays or well-deserved promotions. Additionally, the business can display information on the company’s history and mission to help provide a sense of purpose among employees. Similarly, digital lobby signage can also be used to include announcements of recent company successes in order to boost morale.

Customer-Centered Uses for Digital Lobby Signage

Of course, digital lobby signage must also cater to customers. This signage is important as, in many cases, this signage will provide the visuals that accompany a customer’s first impression.

As with employee-centered uses, several customer-centered uses focus on information sharing. For example, lobby digital signage can display office mapping and employee directory information to help customers better navigate a business’s offices or campus. Other information sharing uses focus on customer education. With lobbies in doctor’s offices, for example, patients can be shown information on their diagnosis and treatments. This can help keep patients engaged and manage treatment outcome expectations. In the context of schools, parents can be informed of upcoming school events or requirements such as submitting their child’s yearly health check-up.

Other customer-centered use cases for digital signage can be categorized as focusing on customer engagement. Examples of such use cases for digital signage can include requesting and displaying customer reviews of the company or displaying the company’s social media feeds. Businesses can encourage customer interaction but displaying a live social media feed of a particular hashtag, and customers can then post photos with this hashtag to appear on this social media feed and the respective digital sign.

Depending on the nature of your business, it might also be a good idea to greet your visitors with their logo on the screens. This can be done easily using just a template.

Budget for content

As mentioned above, creating content can be expensive if you use a custom video wall configuration. However, with Screenly, we use regular 1080p content. This doesn’t have to be very expensive to produce. Moreover, you can save a lot of money by using Screenly (both in terms of licensing and hardware), so put some of that money into design. That will make you look a lot more professional.

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