A new partnership between data visualization and digital signage

This image is of a business data dashboard that is integrated with digital signage tools.

We’re excited to announce the launch of Screenly’s latest partnership, a partnership with Screenful. Screenful is a SaaS company that provides beautiful visualization tools for your data dashboards.

What is Screenful?

Screenful’s mission is to allow companies to “make better decisions based on facts.” Data-based decision making is at the core of any modern organization, and Screenful helps enable this disciplined approach. To do this, Screenful provides a variety of business data dashboards that help teams track the progress and effectiveness of their work.

These business data dashboards help teams answer questions like “Which tasks are currently in progress?” and “How much work is done vs still to-do?” Importantly, these dashboards take the next step to answer higher level questions regarding your teams work performance over time. Such questions include, “What is your average lead time for resolving bugs?”, and, “How is your time distributed between different activities?”

This image is of Screenful business data visualization software that integrates with Screenly digital signage. This Screenful dashboard helps teams visualize each team member’s current workload.

How do Screenly and Screenful work together?

However, great visualization tools need to be, well, visualized. This is where Screenly’s digital signage solutions come into play. Currently, Screenful users view their data visualizations on their computer via a web browser or via a DIY display screen solution. These DIY solutions often perform sub-optimally as digital signage systems. They require a lot of time to set up as well as constant maintenance for reliable performance. To address this issue, Screenly’s Raspberry Pi based digital signage hardware and software provide an easy solution. With Screenly, companies that wish to display content and data visualizations on a digital signs can do so in a flash.

The Screenly Player is a Raspberry Pi digital signage player that acts as the brains behind a digital display. Put simply, the Screenly Player caches digital signage content and renders this content to the display. This piece of hardware works in conjunction with Screenly. Screenly is digital signage remote management software that allows users to change the content they display via an online portal. Screenful users can now display their business data dashboards on a large TV with a Screenly Player with Screenly remote digital signage software. Set up takes only a few minutes. Importantly, this solution provides a reliable integration between your Screenful dashboards and any large display with an HDMI input.

This image is of a business dashboard that can be displayed on a digital sign with Screenly remote digital sign management software. This Screenful dashboard allows teams to view the progress of sprints over time.

Looking to the future

Screenful is adding custom integrations with a variety of popular SaaS products. Currently, Screenful integrates with Trello, Jira, Github, Pivotal Tracker, and Asana.

We’re excited to be partnered with Screenful, and we look forward to exploring the synergies between our two companies. Together, our solutions provide a convenient and beautiful way for businesses and organizations to bring data into the decision making process. To learn more about Screenful, check out the Screenful Features page and get started with a 21-day trial.

(Image source: Screenful.com)

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