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  • Banks can display custom content on a TV and manage that content remotely with Screenly.
  • We have ready-to-go content templates for banks linked here. You can edit these templates with the free design tool Canva and add your bank’s logo and brand colors in minutes.
  • To manage content on your screens, register for a 14-day free trial of Screenly digital signage software.
  • You will need one Screenly Player, a media player device, for each screen.
  • We detail popular content and campaign ideas for bank digital signs below.

Banks and digital signs

Digital signs are any TV or monitor that displays custom content. This content can include images, videos, and even web pages. Digital signs have a wide range of use cases, and one of those use cases includes digital signage in banks. In the article below, we share several ideas for digital signage content in banks, points on security for bank digital signs, and details on how a bank can get started with digital signs.

Ideas for digital signage in banks

Like most businesses, banks cannot serve all customers at once. Customers spend time sitting in a waiting room or standing in line, and banks can use digital signs to share useful information with those customers. Below, we share several ways that banks can use digital signs at their branch locations:

  • Advertise special offers - If your bank is running a special offer for a new rewards program, credit card incentive program, or mortgage refinancing offer, you need to let your customers know about it. Banks can use digital signs to display more information on special offers and programs to new and existing customers.

  • Build the bank’s brand - Banks must build a bond with their customers in order to create a successful, long-term banking relationship. Without the right investments in customer relationships and public relations, banks can quickly become cold and faceless institutions. Banks can use digital signs to share short biographies on branch team members and information on the bank’s history and vision. This content can help humanize the bank and make customers feel more connected to the bank’s brand.

  • Reduce perceived wait times - Everyone is busy, and nobody likes to wait. In addition to sharing content on special offers and brand-building content, banks can display non-business information such as local weather forecasts, sports forecasts, and fun information such as “This Day in History” highlights. This content can keep customers entertained and help reduce perceived wait times. Additionally, this information can be more neutral than potentially polarizing news channels.

  • Increase financial literacy - Banks can use digital signs to show educational information on common banking topics and increase financial literacy among their customer base. This information can help customers ask more detailed questions and get the most out of their relationship with your bank.

  • Promoting new digital transformation technologies - Often, banks invest a lot of time and money in digital transformation initiatives, such as mobile banking apps, video-banking capabilities, and electronic signature functionality. However, banks often struggle with getting customers to adopt those new technologies. Digital signs can help banks increase customer engagement by promoting new technologies and banking options to a bank’s existing customer base.

To display the above content efficiently, banks can arrange content into playlists. Banks can then schedule those playlists to run at predetermined times or based on particular trigger events via our digital signage API. Additionally, bank IT managers can control the content on all of the bank’s digital signs from the comfort of his or her laptop.

Security and digital signs for banks

Banks are often obsessed with IT security, and they should be. Banks are the custodians of sensitive customer information, and banks must protect each customer’s bank balances from hackers. Accordingly, banks must choose a digital signage solution that prioritizes security at each part of the digital signage solution. To learn more about how Screenly keep digital signs secure, check out our page on digital signage security.

Deploy a digital sign at your bank

Setting up a digital sign does not require technical knowledge or coding skills. Once you select digital signage software and source a digital signage player, you can set up a digital sign for your bank in minutes. Digital signage software allows users to manage their digital signs and change out content remotely from any computer with an internet connection. A digital signage player communicates with the user’s digital signage software and renders the user’s content to the TV or monitor.

To get started with a digital sign for your bank, schedule a demo with our team or sign up for Screenly’s free 14-day trial.

You can also get started with ready-to-go content templates for bank digital signs with Canva linked here.

If you have any questions about implementing digital signs in your bank or need to troubleshoot, do not hesitate to reach out to Screenly Support.

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