Digital signage systems for schools and in education

More and more schools and universities are starting to discover the benefits of digital signage (also commonly referred to as digital info screens). It is a quick and cost effective way to make information available to both the staff and student body. No matter if it is a seasonal greeting, an event schedule or general announcements, digital signage can help you and your staff improve communication throughout your school.

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Why Screenly?

When first exploring the concept of using digital signage screens, many schools and universities tend to start with home built solutions that are based on regular PCs with a regular web browser. While such a solution is likely to quickly get you off the ground, managing this setup is time consuming work.

Simple interface

Screenly comes with a playlist manager built-in, which allows you to easily manage one screen, or a fleet of screens. As such, there is no need to connect a keyboard and mouse (or open a VNC session) every time you want to make a change to your content.

Cost effective

Screenly runs on a hardware platform called Raspberry Pi. You can purchase one of these units for about $99 with all the components included from one of our distributors. All you need to do is to plug the device into the wall and follow a few steps. You’re then ready to go!

Painless management

Another strength of Screenly Player is that it is a set-and-forget device. Most other hardware alternatives will require you to schedule and manage updates. Our guess is that you have more important things to do than running around the school updating your digital signage devices. With Screenly Player, you don’t have to worry about this tedious updating.

Get started

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Other use cases