In-store digital signage software for display advertising in retail stores

In almost any modern retail store you visit today, you will find in-store TVs that display the store’s latest marketing campaigns and helpful information. With the click of a button, you can roll out a new ad campaign and improve the in-store experience for your customers. It doesn’t matter if you are managing a single store or a fleet of stores across a country or continent, the process is still the same with cloud-based digital signage software.

If you want to be on the forefront of digital signage technology in retail stores, you should also take a look at what we call reactive digital signage, where you can integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices, such as sensors, into your digital signage strategy.

Cost effective in-store TV advertising

With Screenly, you enjoy two kinds of cost savings.

  • First, Screenly is the most cost effective in-store advertisement platform. All you need is a modern TV and a Screenly device. For about $99, you can purchase the Screenly Player Starter Kit from one of our distributors. Just plug it into the wall, and you’re ready to go.
  • Secondly, you can save money in your marketing budget. When you have a Screenly digital signage solution, you can spend less money on printing physical marketing materials.

Hook your customers with attractive campaigns

In today’s world, where customers are bombarded with advertisements from every direction, it is more important than ever for your messaging to stand out. A simple paper billboard is usually not enough to capture the customer’s attention in today’s world. You need to create marketing material and media that stand out.

With traditional print content, you’re stuck with paper as your canvas. With Screenly, you’re entering into the digital age with digital display advertising. This means that you now have a whole new set of tools at your disposal. For instance, you can:

  • Showcase your products in compelling, full-HD video.
  • Mix and match videos with traditional images in a playlist.
  • Display webpages with live information, such as weather or news.

By the way, you most likely do not need to worry about having your campaigns done with 4K content, and you can learn more on this point in our article regarding if businesses need 4K for their digital signs

Powerful playlist management

Thanks to Screenly’s sophisticated playlist editor, it’s a breeze to manage campaigns and assets. Not only can you set start and end dates for your digital assets but you can also configure more complex rules. For instance, perhaps you only want to display a given campaign on Fridays after 4PM. No problem. Screenly has you covered.

Entertain your customers

As customers are starting to mentally filter out more and more of the advertisements they are exposed to, it is important to not only advertise but also to give your customers a reason to pay attention to your screens. Since digital signs enable you to mix and match content, you can easily add non-advertisement content to you screens. It is really your imagination that sets the limits, but here are some ideas to get your ideas flowing:

Video walls

Are you looking to build a cost effective video wall? Check out our article on how to create a cost effective video wall with Screenly.

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