Digital signs for art studios and galleries - London Lighthouse Gallery and Studio

To increase visitor and community engagement, the London Lighthouse Gallery and Studio launched a digital signage deployment with Screenly. The London Lighthouse is a multi-use space for London’s creative talent, and the space hosts exhibitions and a range of events. Events include performance evenings, workshops, and book launches.

How London Lighthouse is using Screenly

A key benefit of digital signs is that it allows art galleries and studios to change and update content for their visitors quickly. In the past, print posters got the job done in terms of communicating with visitors via display media. However, these posters were expensive to print, and changing out physical posters was a time-consuming process.

Today, the London Lighthouse can update content in just a few clicks via their online Screenly account. Users can simply log in, upload new content, and select the screens for that content. Ways that London Lighthouse uses digital signs include:

  • Promoting the gallery and studio: Using Screenly digital signs, the London Lighthouse displays opening times, upcoming event schedules, and ticket costs to visitors and people passing by the facility.

  • Showing photography and other art: Digital signs are a great way to display artwork digitally with looping slideshows.

  • Displaying special offers in the gift shop: Digital signs can increase gift shop sales of artwork prints, books, and other items.

  • Featuring emerging artists: Helping emerging artists gain exposure is essential for developing the local creative community. Digital signs help promote the artists’ works and their stories.

  • Sharing updates on charitable work and commissioned projects: The London Lighthouse is heavily involved in charitable engagements within the creative community. Digital signs help share this work and encourage others to become patrons for local projects.

  • Displaying COVID-19 rules and protocols: Social distancing precautions and mask-wearing have made the past year quite difficult for in-person events. Digital signs help communicate COVID-19 rules and protocols that keep everyone safe.

Of course, the above use cases at the London Lighthouse are just a few of the many ways that art galleries and studios can benefit from digital signs. Digital signs can display images, videos, and even live web pages, and users can easily tailor content to meet their specific needs.

Setting up a clean digital signage installation with NEC screens

When it comes to digital signage, it is important to keep things simple. Most digital signage solutions use two separate pieces of hardware: a digital signage player and a screen. A digital signage player is a palm-sized hardware device that renders content to your screen, and some professional-grade digital signage screens, such as NEC screens, come with built-in digital signage players.

NEC screens allow users to have a single piece of hardware for each digital sign. These screens keep deployments and device management simple, and they are also visually appealing. In addition to the high-resolution display, NEC screens with built-in digital signage players allow art galleries to reduce the number of exposed cables and ancillary hardware. With NEC screens, art gallery digital signage deployments look clean and beautiful alongside artwork and installations.

Getting started with Screenly digital signs

Screenly provides an intuitive content management system for art gallery digital signs. With Screenly, users can log in to their online Screenly accounts and upload, edit, and schedule content for their digital signs. Screenly also produces its own digital signage player, the Screenly Player. The Screenly Player downloads content from the user’s online Screenly account and renders that content to the user’s screen. Users need one Screenly Player per screen, and some professional-grade NEC screens come with built-in Screenly Players.

To get started with Screenly digital signs, sign up for a 14-day free trial. Next, learn more about standalone Screenly Players and NEC screens with built-in Screenly Players, and choose the solution that best fits your needs.

If you have any questions about launching Screenly digital signs at your art gallery or studio, feel free to reach out to Screenly Support. We are always happy to help!

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