NEC partners with Canonical and Screenly on Ubuntu Core-based digital signage platform

NEC Display Solutions Europe announced a strategic alliance today with Screenly, the leading Raspberry Pi digital signage solution, and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu Core.

An NEC display running Screenly using a Compute Module

We’re very excited to announce support for Screenly on NEC’s P and V Series.

  • Powered by the Raspberry Pi Compute Module.
  • Cloud-based management system.
  • Built-in IoT security powered by Ubuntu Core.

Welcome to the future. Read the press release.

Get Started Today!

It doesn’t take much to set up a new Screenly display. Take any compatible NEC display and show full HD quality content in minutes. With Screenly, you can display images, videos, motion graphics, and live web pages on your NEC displays.

If you already have an NEC monitor with a Compute Module, check out our installation guide. Are you looking to buy an NEC monitor for your business? Get in touch with one of our distributors.