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Screenly is a cost effective and versatile digital signage solution with a lot of exciting use cases. On this page, we've collected some of our customers' common use cases for Screenly. This page is divided into use cases for Applications and Services and use cases for specific industries. In the Applications and Services section, you will find a variety of popular software tools that you can integrate with your Screenly digital signs. In the Industries section, you will find digital signage ideas and examples curated for particular business types. If you have a unique use case for digital signs in mind and you cannot find it on this page, let us know! We have experience with a variety of edge cases for small shops and large enterpises, and we'd love to have a chat about your digital signage needs. For the technical crowd, Screenly does offer a digital signage API, so users can build real time integrations between their digital signs and their existing business databases.
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