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Success stories

Cinergy moved their digital signage from Apple TV to Screenly. After redeploying 40 screens, they reduced overhead, improved security, and made content management effortless.
“We have saved in the region of $50k because of the reduction in ongoing management overhead. I would highly recommend the Screenly for unrivalled digital signage functionality, ease of use, robust security and stability."
Nathan Hunstable
"After evaluating multiple platforms, we settled on Screenly because it offered a great balance of features, simplicity of use by non-technical staff, and low cost of entry.”
David Bondurant

Interlochen Center for the Arts
Interlochen chose Screenly to display content to hundreds of students across 65 screens. The simplicity of installation and content management with Screenly is an enormous time-saver for their team.

Bridon-Bekaert, The Ropes Group
Bridon-Bekaert uses Screenly to display safety information and company-wide communications across its steel rope manufacturing plants.
"It's a great tool to use in our manufacturing facilities. We can add safety, quality, or production bulletins as well as videos to reinforce important information.”
Jeffrey Pollins
"Being able to change out content quickly has been great, and Screenly-compatible NEC screens look sleek and professional at our London art gallery & studio.”
London Lighthouse
Sokari Higgwe

Creative Industries
London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio
London Lighthouse Gallery & Studio uses Screenly to display custom content at its upscale London art gallery and studio. A key part of their installation are professional-grade NEC display screens with built-in Screenly Players.

Use cases

Flexible and versatile, Screenly works with your favorite software across a variety of industries.

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