Secure Digital Signage

Screenly digital signage is secure.

For us at Screenly, security a top priority. While digital signage is a great tool for your business, this tool must be protected against potential bad actors who may try to use your digital signage solution as a backdoor to your business data.

For Screenly Pro, our commercial digital signage offering, we has teamed up with Canonical, the makers of Ubuntu, to deliver the most secure digital signage solution possible. Using Ubuntu Core, a cutting-edge IoT operating system, we offer our customers automatic updates Over-the-Air (OTA) blazing fast without any human interaction. Security is of course a much wide topic than this, and you can read more about the security of our player here, and you can even read about how we build disk images. If you really want to take a deep dive into security, you can read the security whitepaper on Ubuntu Core.

For Screenly OSE, our open source, it is up to the user to secure the devices. We try to make the default configuration as secure as possible, but it is ultimately the end-users responsibility to ensure that the devices are patched and configured in a secure fashion.