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Digital Signage Uses in Schools

Digital signage is not only useful for a company’s marketing and advertising needs. In fact, this is a common misconception, and it could not be further from the truth. Digital signage works great in any setting that requires displaying information to a large group of passing people. Explained in these terms, it becomes obvious that schools and other educational institutions are perfect venues for digital signage. Students are constantly on the go and constantly need to be shown information regarding their school and school community. Digital signage is a great way to help service this need. In this article, we will list several different use cases for digital signage in schools.

1. Notices for events and happenings

Whether displaying a notice regarding the next school play, book fair, or sporting event, digital signage helps school administrators easily keep students informed. With Screenly, digital signage is particularly useful in this way as changes to event times and venues are easily updated from a central location via Screenly’s online digital signage management portal. Schools can also save a huge amount of money with digital signage that would otherwise be spent on high paper and ink costs. Additionally, schools can easily display important, real-time information, such as the time and weather, using the Clock and Weather app from the Screenly App Store.

2. Parent reminders

One of the most frequent requests that school administrators receive from parents is for better communication. One way to help achieve this goal is through digital signage. In addition to standard communication channels, a digital sign display can help improve a message’s reach for parent-related deliverables such as student immunizations, tuition payments, and authorization forms. Digital signage can also display recent announcements and fundraising efforts from your school’s Parent Teacher Association. By clearly detailing announcements and events on large digital displays for your school, school administrators can help ensure that school community members are kept in the loop.

3. Emergency communications

Every so often, emergencies happens. Whether due to weather events, fires, or student health concerns, school administrators are tasked with instructing a large group of people on what to do very quickly. In these situations, digital signage can be used to display weather updates, evacuation routes, or other time-sensitive information. With Screenly’s cloud based digital signage management platform, one can easily update the content that is displayed as new information on the emergency is released.

4. Achievement announcements

One of the best ways to motivate students and to instill a sense of school spirit is to publicly celebrate achievement. Digital signage is great for letting the entire campus know of recent school sports victories. With digital signage, highlight video footage of the game can be shown in conjunction with any announcements. Additionally, student academic achievements can also be celebrated. Achievements including honor roll, debate competition wins, and science fair awards are also great to feature on digital signage displays in schools. High definition images of student artwork can also be shown, and this digital signage content for schools can of both image and video artwork. Recognition for one’s achievement can help motivate students to excel further, and digital signage can be an important tool in this effort.

5. Maps and directories

Depending on how comprehensive you want to make your school’s digital signage solution, digital signage displays can be a great solution for displaying maps of larger campuses. In this case, digital signage can help visitors quickly navigate your school. Digital signage displays can also show directory information so visitors, students, teachers, and staff can quickly get in touch with other members of the school community.

Digital signage is no longer just in the domain of large enterprises or marketing and advertising campaigns. As digital signage solutions have become more and more affordable, digital signage has become a possibility for schools and other educational institutions. With Raspberry Pi based digital signage players, such as those offered by Screenly, anyone can purchase a digital signage player for approximately $60 and get up and running in no time. To get Screenly for digital signage at your educational institution, check out our pricing page to see which option best fits your needs.

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