Reseller program, a new partner and more

This is the May update for Screenly, where you can read about the latest updates to Screenly.

Reseller Program

Since we first launched Screenly, we’ve received a large number of requests from companies around the globe to resell Screenly solutions.

We always planned to work closely with partners around the world in order to get closer to our users. That’s why we’re very happy to announce that we have started to accept applications for our Screenly Reseller Program.

The concept is simple: we team up with companies around the globe that can help end-users with everything from installations to content creation. In return, these companies get a cut from the subscription revenue to Screenly, and they also have the opportunity to charge for extra services. The goal is to create a better experience for all involved parties.

New Partner: Hosted Graphite

Earlier this month, we announced a partnership with Hosted Graphite. As we are seeing more and more users using Screenly solutions as digital signage dashboard devices, we want to make this as easy as possible for our users.

HostedGraphite offers Graphite and Grafana (among other things) as a service, which makes it very simple to create awesome dashboards for the metrics that you care about. Once you have these dashboards created, Screenly is the ultimate tool for displaying those metrics up on the big screen.

Improved Network Support

As we are growing the user base for Screenly, we run into more and more unique network configurations. We’ve already supported Static IPs for digital signage for some time. However, we are now happy to announce that our network configuration has become even more powerful.

Starting with the 2015-05-19 disk image of Screenly, we also support the ability to use custom NTP server(s) and custom DNS server(s) (even with DHCP).

Improved debug logging

After more regularly encountering more complicated networks, we extended our USB debugging tool to perform more tests. As such, most of the situations that we encounter when troubleshooting installations should now be covered by the USB debugging tool.

More use cases

If you haven’t visited our website recently, you’ll be happy to learn that we have added a lot more content. Together with our custoemrs, we have spent a fair amount of time developing content and best practices on digital signage use cases. You’ll find a lot of industry-specific use cases, including content for the education, restaurant, and retail industries.

Under our use cases section, you will also find a number of application and service specific use cases and how-to guides. For instance, you can find great content for how to use Geckoboard,Google Calendar, and PowerPoint with Screenly.

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Written by Viktor Petersson
CEO and Co-founder of Screenly. Viktor loves taking ideas and turning them into products and services. You can frequently find him on the speaking circuit around the globe. He spent a big part of his adult life as a digital nomad. Viktor is also passionate about DevOps and IoT security. You can find Viktor on Twitter under @vpetersson.
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