Screenly OSE 0.9.1 is out

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We’re excited to announce that Screenly OSE 0.9.1 now is out. The release includes everything from Sprint 1 (codename It’s so Easy), which in turn includes a number of bug fixes and improved tests (to minimize the chance of future bugs).

To update your existing player, simply run: $ bash <(curl -sL

For new installations, you can download the latest disk images from Github.

In the the next sprint (codename Night Train), we intend to add a number of exciting features, such as supporting basic auth in web pages.

(If you haven’t noticed, each sprint is named after a Guns N’ Roses song. In Screenly OSE, we are working our way forward through their discography starting with Appetite for Destruction. In Screenly, we are working our way through the Iron Maiden discography.)

Update: Screenly OSE 0.10 is now out Learn more about it here.