How to use Screenly Cast - A digital signage Wordpress plugin

This image is of a desktop that can use Screenly Cast to display Wordpress content beautifully on digital signs.

One major benefit of Screenly’s digital signage solutions is the ability to easily display live web pages on your digital signage displays. This feature allows users to display live dashboards, calendars, and website content. However, especially with website content, it can be hard to take advantage of this feature. Often, website designs are not optimized for 1920x1080px resolution, meaning that they will not look good on your screens. It’s common that you will see text blocks or images bleeding over the bottom edge of the screen. To tackle this problem, the team at Screenly developed Screenly Cast for WordPress, a Wordpress plugin to optimize WordPress content for digital signage usage.

What can Screenly Cast do?

Screenly Cast allows you to instantly convert blog content into beautiful content for your digital signage displays. With Screenly Cast you can easily create and display three main types of content:

  • Display Text: You can display simple text.
  • Side-by-side Text and Image: You can display text alongside an image, this is commonly used to display blog images on the left hand side with accompanying text on the right hand side.
  • Image with Text Overlay: This is used to display blog titles and descriptions on top of a large, beautiful image.

While Screenly Cast is by no means supposed to convert Wordpress into a full-fledged digital signage CMS, it does provide a simple content creation tool that can be used to create beautiful digital signage media assets.

How do I use Screenly Cast?

First, you need to install and activate the plugin. Screenly Cast can be discovered an installed directly on your Wordpress CMS. After installation, it is of course important to activate the plugin. After activation, simply create and publish your website content as usual. When you are ready to display this content on your digital signage display, simply append “?srly” to the end of the URL for whichever content you would like to display. You can then add this URL as an asset in your Screenly online account, and that’s it!

For step by step installation and usage instructions, check out our video guide here:

You can also find a text and image based guide for Screenly Cast on our blog.

How do I get started with Screenly Cast?

You can find Screenly Cast on Wordpress or you can access Screenly Cast on Github. Just download the Wordpress Plugin and enjoy!

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