Screenly OSE now integrates with Balena and WoTT

Image of a secure chip running Screenly with Balena and Wott.

Lots of things have happened to Screenly OSE recently. The project is increasing in popularity and it is approaching 1,000 stars on Github (help us break into the four-digits club by staring the project). Part of the raise in popularity comes from the fact that Screenly OSE is now a featured project in the popular tool Etcher.

Screenly OSE is also now the most popular digital signage project on Github, with twice as many stars as the second most popular project (Xibo).

While we’re busy working on the next release, I wanted to share an update on things that I’m excited about that is currently in the master branch (and will make it into the next release). These two things are:

  • Our new integration with WoTT
  • Our new deeper Balena integration

Let’s start with the WoTT integration. For those of you not familiar with WoTT, the idea behind WoTT is to make it easier for fleet owners to secure their IoT devices. In addition to ongoing security audits, WoTT also makes it easy to manage credentials at scale. With the Screenly OSE integration, we’ve integrated WoTT’s credential management directly into Screenly OSE, which will allow users to centrally manage credentials to the Screenly OSE web interface, while also tapping into the ongoing security audits that are accessible from the dashboard. You can find detailed instructions on how to use the WoTT integration for Screenly OSE here.

Next up is the Balena integration. We have had support for Balena for some time, but unfortunately due to some changes in Balena, the support broke sometime back. We have now finally fixed this, and done more. In addition to adopting Balena’s multi-container support, we’ve also added a new a deeper integration, which will allow you to see things like seeing the Balena ID directly from the Screenly OSE interface. Details on this new support for Balena can be found here.

Disclosure: I’m also the co-founder of WoTT.

Picture of Viktor Petersson
Written by Viktor Petersson
CEO and Co-founder of Screenly. Viktor loves taking ideas and turning them into products and services. You can frequently find him on the speaking circuit around the globe. He spent a big part of his adult life as a digital nomad. Viktor is also passionate about DevOps and IoT security. You can find Viktor on Twitter under @vpetersson.
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