Screenly Partners with Tracx to Launch Smart Customer Engagement Tool

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Screenly and Tracx Unite to Transform Digital Feedback

Hey there, Screenly fans! We’re buzzing with excitement to announce our latest partnership with Tracx, a dynamo in customer satisfaction. This collaboration introduces an Edge App to our digital signage solutions that’s set to transform how businesses gather customer feedback.

Say Hello to the Tracx Edge App

The Tracx Edge App is a breakthrough in customer feedback technology, making it super easy for customers to share their experiences just by scanning a QR code on your digital signage screens.

QR Codes: A Familiar Tool for Today’s Customers

The widespread adoption of QR codes in recent years, accelerated by changing habits during the COVID-19 pandemic, has made them a familiar and convenient tool for most users. This familiarity ensures that customers can engage with the Tracx Edge App effortlessly, making the feedback process straightforward and accessible.

Feedback Goes Next-Level

The Tracx Edge App doesn’t just collect feedback; it provides a context for each response. By tracking the location of every QR code scan, it offers valuable insights into how customer experiences vary across different areas of your business. Why You’re Going to Love This

  • In-Depth Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiments.
  • Real-Time Responses: Address feedback promptly and effectively.
  • Location-Specific Data: Tailor strategies based on specific customer interactions.
  • Ease of Use: Utilize the widespread familiarity with QR codes for easy engagement.

How This Magic Happens

  1. QR Codes on Display: Interactive QR codes become a part of your digital signage.
  2. Scan and Share: Customers scan the code to share their feedback effortlessly.
  3. Intelligent Data Collection: Capture the specifics of each interaction.
  4. Informed Decision Making: Turn feedback into actionable insights with an intuitive dashboard.

About Tracx

Tracx Edge App

Tracx is revolutionizing the way businesses understand customer satisfaction. Their innovative platform turns customer feedback into actionable insights, enhancing how businesses connect with their audience. Their focus on intuitive and impactful solutions makes them an ideal partner for our digital signage technology.

Elevating Customer Connections

This partnership with Tracx is more than just a collaboration; it’s a step forward in enhancing digital customer engagement. By marrying our digital signage expertise with Tracx’s advanced feedback solutions, we’re poised to offer unparalleled insights into customer experiences.

To get started with the Tracx integration, you can get in touch or learn more about Tracx here.

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