A New Chapter - Our Edge App Store Revolution

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A New Chapter - Our Edge App Store Revolution

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce something extraordinary for the digital signage industry: our brand-new Screenly Edge App Store. Before you dismiss this launch as just another app store, let me assure you, it’s anything but that.

At first glance, the Screenly Edge App Store offers familiar tools – a digital clock, weather forecasts, and news streams, all ready-to-go for you to enhance your screen content. However, the real innovation is hidden behind these simple applications.

Remember our Edge App platform launch last fall? That innovation, combined with our user-friendly CLI, has already set us apart as the most developer-friendly digital signage platform. Now, the real story is how these innovations integrate with the new Screenly Edge App Store.

Behind the scenes, we have already seamlessy migrated all our legacy App Store installation of clock and weather apps to new Edge Apps.

Going Beyond Typical Digital Signage Apps

Our Edge App Store isn’t just another set of web apps. It’s a groundbreaking collection of Edge Apps. Edge Apps are unique in the digital signage industry in that they can run directly on the device, integrate with device meta-data and peripheral sensors, and allow developers to fully customize how digital signage content interacts with their business. Many of these Edge Apps are open-source and available on GitHub, which encourages community collaboration and continuous enhancement.

Starting with this launch, this revolutionary app infrastructure will soon redefine the digital signage industry. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to ideate, test, and launch a digital signage application. We want developers to be able to focus on the unique use cases that drive value for their businesses while we focus on all the behind the scenes work, such as device management, security, and playback stability. In other words, Edge Apps makes for the perfect headless CMS.

What’s Next And How To Get Started

Also, our Edge App Store launch is just the beginning. Our roadmap includes an expanding array of apps designed to address the varied needs of our customers. While developers can fully develop apps for any business need right now, we will soon have fully built-out apps with open-source code bases for all popular use cases.

Importantly, you can be part of this revolution. You can develop and deploy your own Edge Apps today and leverage the same advanced and secure platform that powers our entire app range. To get started, register for a 14-day free trial and check out the new Screenly App Store from the main user dashboard. You can also explore and customize existing Edge Apps on GitHub at the link here.

Welcome to the Screenly Edge App Store, where innovation meets practicality, and welcome to the future of digital signage.

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