Predicates provide the logic for when digital signage content displays on your screens. A typical predicate is time, such as when a playlist is scheduled to run between certain hours.

Predicates are not only time based, and with our CLI and API you can build sophisticated, custom predicates based off of a variety of inputs. Our predicate engine evaluates what should be playing on a screen multiple times per second, so you can use predicates to trigger real-time content changes.


For example, with predicates, you can create condition that evaluates a JSON endpoint that taps into your ERP system and checks the stock level for the given SKU and store. If this endpoint evaluates to true, then the promotional digital signage content runs. However, as soon as the item runs out of stock, the promotional content can stop displaying automatically.

Also, imagine that you want to do a flash sale on Friday afternoons. A user could add the “override” predicate feature. This means that the flash sale playlist will show and override other scheduled content. Tying this into the example above, we could promote a flash sale for a particular item at certain hours only if the item is in stock.

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