The Screenly Countdown Timer Edge App does exactly what it says it will with a simple and elegant presentation. The Countdown Timer Edge App is one of our most recent additions to our Edge App store, and we have already seen customers deploy this Edge App for a variety of exciting use cases. Learn more below on how you can use the Screenly Countdown Timer Edge App in your business.

Quickly and easily deploy a countdown timer

While there is nothing technically complex about a countdown timer, DIY solutions for displaying one on a digital sign can get messy. For example, without our Countdown Timer Edge App, users would have to explore countdown timer video content. This video content can get the job done, but users have to deal with sizing and resolution issues. Another difficulty that comes with this method is the video content resetting at the end of the timer. With our Countdown Timer Edge App, users can easily set the ending time stamp, and they are ready to go.

Provide useful context

Of course, countdown timers count down to a particular event. Without this context, the countdown time can be confusing and irrelevant to people passing by. The Screenly Edge App Countdown Timer allows users to add a headline description easily. This headline ensures that everyone knows what the countdown timer is about and can find this content useful.

Work across timezones

The Screenly Countdown Timer Edge App works seamlessly for international deployments. The Countdown Timer will operate off of the local time zone for the individual screen, and users can also override the timezone to have it work with a particular desired timezone.

Build team motivation on upcoming deadlines

Our Countdown Timer Edge App is great for building motivation surrounding upcoming deadlines. These deadlines can include the end of a sales quarter or even smaller timelines like a deadline to fulfill an order. When everyone can see how much time is left, this can be both motivating and fun for team members.

Get teams focused on an upcoming date

In other cases, our Countdown Timer Edge App can be used to build excitement around upcoming launches or debut days. For example, users can deploy the Countdown Timer to keep teams aligned on product launches, podcast releases, and big company announcements.

Get started with the Screenly Edge App

You can get started with the Screenly Edge App right now, for free. The first step is to register for a 14-day free trial for an online Screenly account. Once you have your online account, you can create your Countdown Timer Edge App and deploy it on a virtual screen. A virtual screen is for demo purposes and mimics a screen on your web browser. The next step is to get a Screenly digital signage player to render your screen content to an external TV screen.

That’s all! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Screenly Support.

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