With Screenly’s Power BI Edge App, you can easily and securely display your Power BI dashboards on a digital sign. Learn more below.

A data dashboard from Power BI.

Display password-protected Power BI content

When teams want to show their content on a digtial sign, one common challenge is how to deal with a password-protected dashboard. Often, the dashboards that teams want to display contain sensitive business information, and creating a public view link is not an option. At the same time, without a public view link, many digital signage software options cannot display the content.

With Screenly, users can display Power BI dashboards that are behind a login screen. In our Edge App setup screen, users can enter their Azure AD and Microsoft Entra ID details, and their Power BI dashboard will display on their screens while remaining secure.

Make Power BI dashboards accessible at a glace

There’s no better way to show data than, well, showing it. Often, teams spend hours creating comprehensive dashboards and complex visualizations, but this work often goes unused. The data lives in a Power BI dashboard that is rarely accessed, and it can be weeks before team members look at the data.

With Screenly, teams can display Power BI dashboards on a prominent digital sign int he work place. When teams show data on a physical screen that is visible to team members all the time, data becomes everpresent. Rather than being in a folder or in an old Slack message thread, the data that is most important to a team is visible at a glace.

Motivate your team with Power BI dashboards

Power BI dashboards can track data on how individual team members are performing. These dashboards work well for sales teams, for example, where each team member needs to be held responsible for their individual production.

with Screenly, teams can display this information publicly, which can help motivate team members to perform well among their peers. Team members who are falling behind can be quickly identified and coached for improvement.

Show multiple Power BI dashboards

It takes more than one data point to run a team, and it also takes more than one Power BI dashboard.

With Screenly, users can schedule multiple PowerBi dashboards to show on the same screen, one after the other. Teams can schedule the duration that each dashboard shows for and priotize dashboards by order.

Add company notices and more to your Power BI dashboard content

Just showing dashboard content can be overwhelming, and it is often not the most engaging way to manage a digital sign.

With Screenly, you can easily intersperse and change out additional content, such as company notices, news, weather updates, or sports scores. This can include image, video, and webpage content.

Edit your Power BI screens from anywhere

In the past, managing digital sign content often involved the need for an employee to physically visit each screen.

With Screenly, users can manage the Power BI dashboards that display on their digital signs from anywhere with an internet connection. With our online interface, digital signage content management is a breeze.

Integrate your Power BI screens with your existing tech stack

Screenly Edge Apps are easy to set up, but this ease-of-use doesn’t mean they aren’t highly customizable.

Users can customize their Power BI Edge App for however best fits their business needs. This customization an include integrating your Power BI screens with your existing tech stack. For example, users can set up their screens to only display a particular dashboard when important data points fall below a defined threshold.

Getting started with Screenly

If you do not have a Screenly account already, you can get started with a 14-day free trial account. We do not require a credit card for a trial account. Take a look inside, add your Power BI dashboards, and set up your first screen.

If you have any trouble getting your Power BI dashboard to display on your screen, contact Screenly Support at any time. We are always happy to help.

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