It's Easy

Screenly digital signage is easy.

Digital signage is the new frontier for information display, marketing, and advertising. Businesses need to stand out from the crowd and attract the all-valuable resource of customer attention. Today, static print signage is not enough. To remain competitive and on the cutting edge of digital signage technology, businesses and organizations turn to Screenly, the market’s premiere digital signage solution.

Screenly helps businesses and organizations save time by making digital signage deployment and management super easy and painless. Screenly’s premium software solution, Screenly Pro, allows businesses to manage their digital signage from the cloud. This can be done for a single screen or even a fleet of screens across multiple locations. Businesses can use timing logic to show certain digital assets in a particular order or at a particular time of day. Additionally, these digital assets can be changed easily and on-the-fly, so tasks like displaying different breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at a restaurant are no longer so time consuming.

Screenly also removes the hassle from digital signage players. In a single box, The Starter Kit from Screenly provides all you need to get your digital signage working. All Screenly digital signage players run on Raspberry Pi devices, so your digital signage solution will run on hardware that is both familiar and affordable. For larger scale deployments, Screenly also works well with P and V Series smart TVs from NEC.

To get started with Screenly, visit our pricing page for Screenly Pro here.