It's Powerful

Screenly digital signage is powerful.

Screenly is a robust and powerful digital signage solution in terms of both its software and hardware. Screenly’s cloud-based digital signage management solution Screenly Pro allows users to display image, video, motion graphic, and web page content in 1080p full HD resolution. Screenly also supports video wall displays and can split a video across as 2x2 screen display.

Screenly works great no matter the size of your digital signage needs. Whether you have a single screen in a single store or multiple screens across hundreds of retail outlets and corporate campuses, Screenly provides a reliable and secure digital signage management solution. For each new screen, all you will need is an additional Screenly Player. You can purchase the Screenly Player and all required cables in a single box called the Screenly Box 0.

Screenly also has a variety of features with its robust digital signage solution Screenly Pro that allow maximum reliability for your digital signage displays. For example, users are alerted each time a digital sign experiences issues on a centralized status dashboard. This dashboard allows users to easily keep tabs on the health of their digital signage network. Additionally, Screenly locally caches content on the physical Screenly Players. This feature enables your digital signage to use minimum bandwidth and continue working even during internet outages. Screenly also automatically and frequently sends security and software updates to your Screenly devices, so you can be sure that your digital signage solution is always running to most vetted and advanced Screenly software.