Anthias vs Screenly

Feeling confused about the difference? Discover which of our digital signage solutions the best fit for you.


If you have one screen and want to manage, patch, and run everything yourself...


If you have multiple screens and want to manage your signs remotely with a fully-supported, turnkey solution...

Display images, websites, and video

Full 1080p HD Resolution

Compatible with the Screenly Player and Raspberry Pi hardware

User interface for easy screen management

Open Source

Remote, web-based screen management

No. You can only manage screens on a local network.

Easy installation

No. You need to build the hardware and update the software by hand.

Manage multiple screens

No. You can only manage one screen.

Cloud storage

No. You must host your content locally.

Automatic video encoding

No. You need to encode each video manually.

Online screen status dashboard

No. You need to monitor your screen in person.

Status alerts

No. You need to periodically check if your screen is running.

Display content offline with local caching

No. While offline, you cannot display content reliably.

Automatic software and security updates

No. You need to install software and security updates manually.

Access to customer support

No. You can only access a community-based help forum.

In summary...

Pick Anthias if you...

  • Are OK with managing each screen individually
  • Are comfortable working with Linux
  • Don’t need support, hosting, or security updates
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