Screenly Priority Support

Screenly offers custom priority support packages for organizations with mission-critical digital signage.

Different customers have different needs. For some organizations, their digital signage deployments are merely a “nice to have” item. For other organizations, their digital signage setup is mission critical.

For customers whose digital signage plays a critical role in their organization, we are happy to offer Screenly Priority Support. This support option is an elective package that is charged as an addition to your monthly subscription fee.

Each customer that requires Screenly Priority Support has a unique digital signage deployment and, accordingly, different priority support needs. Customers use multiple combinations of Screenly digital signage players and displays across a variety of locations and time zones. As a result, it is impossible to provide set pricing for Screenly Priority Support, and each Screenly Priority Support package must be tailored to each individual customer.

A typical Screenly Priority Support package gives your organization the following guarantees:

  • 24/7 phone support
  • Priority for support tickets with at most 24 hours to initial response (weekdays).
  • A faster escalation path to our engineers

Are you in need of Screenly Priority Support for your organization or business? Let’s have a conversation. To get started, we will first have a consultation call to get a better understanding of your digital signage support needs. We can then build a custom Screenly Priority Support package that is tailored to your organization or business.

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