Digital signage in co-working spaces and shared offices

This image is of Screenly in a co-working environment.

Office greeting screens powered by Screenly with data provided by Nexudus at a co-working space in New York.

Co-working spaces and shared offices, like WeWork, is a rapidly growing market. Many of these offices heavily rely on digital signage in order to communicate messages and provide visitors and tenants with helpful information.

Behind the scenes, a large number of these offices are using a software called Nexudus to manage everything from billing to bookings of conference rooms. This is why we teamed up with Nexudus to provide custom digital signage for co-working spaces.

Thanks to our integration, co-working spaces are now able to reuse the data that already exists in Nexudus on their screens. With this data, we have designed two different kinds of unique digital signs: meeting room signs and office greeting signs.

Meeting room signs

Many office spaces are using Nexudus booking functionality to manage availability in their meeting rooms or shared areas. We have written a custom integration for Screenly that allows us to extract this data from Nexudus and render this data in the form of a calendar. All we need to do is to configure the screen and point it to what room it is in as listed in Nexudus. After that tweaking work, the screen will display the Nexudus data automatically.

This data could either be displayed using a 7” touch screen that can be mounted just by the entrance of the meeting room or on a larger screen located within the meeting room.

Screenly for meeting room signs

Office greeting screens

When a new tenant moves into an office, you want to make them feel like they are at home. They take pride in their company and want to show it off to the world, including guests and other tenants.

In some co-working spaces, big stickers with the company’s logo decorate the outside wall. Other co-working spaces only use office room numbers and prevent companies from putting up too much branding in order to make room turnover easier.

We think there is a better way. By putting up a small screen outside of each office, we’re able to give each company the branding they want, including their logo and a slogan. Moreover, with our Nexudus integration, we can do this seamlessly. Just add this data Nexudus, and the screen will automatically update.

Later on, when the company moves to a bigger office and a new tenant moves in, the screen will automatically update, thus eliminating the need for removing old stickers and printing new ones.


In addition to these custom screens, regular digital signage displays can be added for messaging purposes by using the same platform running with regular TVs. Screenly supports videos, web pages, and images, so you can create truly compelling messages for your co-working space.

The hardware

Screenly runs on the famous Raspberry Pi mini-computer, and it is the leading digital signage platform built on the Raspberry Pi, now powering over 10,000 screens around the world. The little, $35 Raspberry Pi is sufficient to support both small and large screens all while providing a fantastic user experience.

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