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We make digital signage easy.

Screenly is the best way to display content on your screens. Our software is easy to set up, quick to manage and power efficient. Managing your public facing screens couldn't get any easier.

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It’s easy.

Manage a Media Empire from

Running your own signage network shouldn't require a computer science degree. Screenly is so simple you don't even need a manual.

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It’s Secure.

Screenly is a set and forget solution.

Both security updates and software updates are automatically shipped to the devices. There’s no need for you to manually apply updates to get the the latest features or security fixes.

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It’s Extendable.

While our focus is on simplicity, sometimes you need more.

Use our API, advanced predicates and third party apps to automate and extend your screens.

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It’s Powerful.

Don’t be fooled by the small size of the player.

It’s able to play full HD videos and images content without breaking a sweat.

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Latest news

News about Screenly, digital signage, IoT, Raspberry Pi and related technologies.

A new partnership in data visualization and digital signage tools

We’re excited to announce the launch of Screenly’s latest partnership, a partnership with Screenful. Screenful is a SaaS company that provides beautiful visualization tools for...

The most noteworthy digital signage hacks

The digital signage industry has a problem with hacking, and, if you think about it, it makes sense. First, the industry is filled with plenty...

Screenly Pro is now compatible with the Raspberry Pi Model 3 B+

This image is from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Source. After much work from the Screenly development team, we are very proud to announce that Screenly...

Screenly Pro now supports dashboard tool Grafana

Screenly Pro now supports Grafana As long-time Grafana users, we’re please to announce that Screenly Pro no supports Grafana. Internally, we have used Grafana to...

Going Green with Digital Signage

If you are responsible for a business’ or organization’s budgeting and accounts payable, you know that there is a massive cost associated with printing. Not...

Enhancing the vending machine customer experience with digital signage APIs

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Brad Pommen from SMRT1 Technologies, an innovative company that is revolutionizing the vending machine customer experience. SMRT1 retrofits...