Introducing multi-user support for digital signage

A team working together using multiuser support for digital signage from Screenly.

We’re constantly working on new features at Screenly. We aim to provide our users with all the features they need to manage their digital signs as easily as possible. In this spirit, we are proud to announce that Screenly now supports multi-user digital signage accounts. This feature is a key point on our roadmap for developing a more robust feature set for enterprise digital signage.

Why multi-user accounts for digital signage are important

Multi-user accounts are important for several reasons. First, multi-user accounts allow large organizations to grant different permission sets to different employees. This ability is important as account administrators can now place limitations on an employee’s actions within the company’s digital signage account. For example, junior employees should not be able to add or delete user accounts or authorize plan upgrades. Multi-user accounts and different permission levels help reduce the risk of mistaken or unauthorized account changes.

Multi-user accounts also help make employee transitions more seamless. If an employee leaves the company, you do not want your Screenly account access to go with them. Instead of having to chase the employee for their username and password credentials to access the company’s Screenly account, management can access the company’s Screenly account via a master administrator login. Additionally, multi-user account functionality allows IT managers to quickly and easily terminate a former employee’s access to the company’s digital signs.

A third reason why multi-user accounts are important is that they minimize password sharing among multiple individuals. If employees can only access the company’s online account via a single login, employees will likely share the username and password via unsecure methods. Some companies even post the username and password on their company bulletin board that is easily viewed by all customers. This practice is risky, as the login credentials can be obtained easily by bad actors. These individuals may direct your screen to display inappropriate content as part of a practical joke, or these individuals may use your login credentials to steal sensitive business data. To learn more on what’s possible when digital signage security is compromised, check out our blog post on digital signage hacks.

What’s next for Screenly multi-user accounts

In the coming months, we will improve our multi-user account functionality with some exciting new features. One additional feature we have in the works is a user activity log. This activity log will show each user’s time-stamped activity within the company’s Screenly account. This log is useful, as teams will be able to see which employee was responsible for each change. With this user-specific tracking, companies will be able to more easily troubleshoot digital signage issues and diagnose when a particular employee needs more training.

How to get multi-user functionality for you digital signs

To get access to multi-user support for your existing Screenly account, please send a note to Screenly Support. We will get you up and running in no time! If you are new to Screenly and do not yet have a paid account, you can sign up here for a free trial. Additionally, if you have any feature requests, be sure to let us know. We keep track of inbound feature requests, and we focus our efforts on the features our customers want most!

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