Screenly Newsletter April 2019

A Screenly team member giving a digital signage presentation.

Hey there from the Screenly team! Things were busy during the first quarter of 2019! Read more below on what we’ve been up to in the world of digital signage.

General updates

One of our biggest updates is our MASSIVE facelift for our website’s main page. Take a moment and check it out! With this redesign, we aimed to emphasize our strongpoints of (1) having a secure digital signage solution, (2) having an energy-efficient digital signage player, and (3) having a digital signage player that will have minimal electronic waste when it is disposed. We also wanted to make it clear to our first time customers that one needs both a digital signage player and digital signage software to launch their first digital sign. In the past, we found that this requirement wasn’t always clear to those who are new to digital signage.

Another important update is that the Screenly 1 Player is now in end-of-life status. This update means that we no longer offer support or maintenance for the Screenly 1 Player, our first digital signage player. You can keep using your Screenly 1 Player until it fails, and at that time, you will need to upgrade to our Screenly 2 Player (now just referred to as the “Screenly Player”). The new Screenly Player is more powerful and more robust, and it will be a great improvement to your digital signage deployment.

In other news, we’re launching an overhaul of our Screenly Partner Program. Previously, our Partner Program only included Screenly product distributors. We are now expanding our Partner Program to include service providers who can help with digital sign installations and digital signage content creation. If you know a service provider who would be a good fit with our Partner Program, be sure to send them our way. Our goal is to build an international network of digital signage service providers who can help our customers anywhere (you!) with installations, content, and special projects.

New reads from Screenly

We’ve added some great content to our blog! Check our some of our most recent posts below:

The Changelog

This newsletter features our second round of “The Changelog.”” Here’s what’s new with Screenly software and hardware:

  • As mentioned, the Screenly 1 Player is now end-of-life. All good things come to an end, however they are usually replaced by something better! You’ll love the Screenly 2 Player, which we now refer to simply as the “Screenly Player.”
  • We made significant improvements to content transitions. Transitions between multiple asset types now occur faster and more smoothly. These improvements help provide a more seamless digital signage experience.
  • We made general robustness improvements to our multi-user digital signage. We acquired a lot of data from teams using our new multiuser functionality, and we made important improvements and bug fixes based on this data.

We’re always adding new features and making improvements to the Screenly platform. Our favorite builds are requests from our users. If you have a feature request, reach out to Screenly Support and let us know!

We’re launching a new content series called “Screenly Snapshot.” In this series, we will feature snapshots and stories of Screenly being used by our customers. We’ll share this content to our thousands of social media followers and customers to help grow the Screenly community and get traffic for your business. To participate, simply send us photo of your Screenly digital sign and a few lines on how you use Screenly. You can send this info via our Screenly Snapshot form.

What’s next at Screenly?

Keep your eyes peeled for new updates with Screenly! As mentioned previously, we are going to deploy a new look and feel for Screenly software. We’re also working on “Digital Signage University,” a guided web app that will teach you and your co-workers everything they need to know about launching and managing digital signage!

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