I am a developer that wants to deploy digital signs. What resources are available to me?

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I am a developer that wants to deploy digital signs. What resources are available to me?

Businesses can display custom content to their customers and employees with digital signs. For many businesses, a drag and drop interface is ideal for digital signage content management. However, other businesses with IT and developer resources may want to build a more custom solution. In this post, we provide an overview of resources that IT and development teams can use for deploying digital signage.

Get started with Screenly Open Source Edition (OSE)

Users who are comfortable working with open source code can use Screenly OSE to launch their first digital signs. Screenly OSE was Screenly’s first digital signage product, and it is now the most starred digital signage product on GitHub.

With Screenly OSE, users can get a digital sign up and running on their own Raspberry Pi hardware for free. Users can display images, video, and web page content and schedule when that content displays on a screen.

To use Screenly OSE successfully, users must be comfortable working with Linux and GitHub. Additionally, Screenly OSE only allows users to manage one digital sign at a time.

You can learn more about the differences between Screenly OSE and the paid version of Screenly here. You can find Screenly OSE on GitHub.

Open-source digital signage forum

Screenly OSE has an active forum where community members help each other with questions. While Screenly does not offer direct support for Screenly OSE, you will likely be able to find or source a solution for any issues from the Screenly OSE community.

To check out the Screenly OSE forum, click here.

Screenly API and digital signage API documentation

When IT and software development teams want to build a custom digital signage solution, they need a digital signage API. With a digital signage API, developers can focus on integrating digital signs with their software and build on top of an existing digital signage management solution.

With the Screenly API, users can automatically add, remove, and schedule content on one or many digital signs. This content can include images, videos, and web pages, such as live data dashboards and business intelligence visualizations.

To learn more about the Screenly API and get started, click here. The Screenly API has full documentation. You can see the full Screenly API documentation here.

Digital signage website automation playground on GitHub

A key feature of Screenly digital signage is that developers can customize web content on their digital signs through Javascript injection. This feature allows users to display content that is behind authentication walls and remove pesky popups from the screen. The Screenly Playground on GitHub provides pre-built code examples for using website automation with popular tools.

Developer-friendly digital signage support

Screenly provides digital signage tools for developers, and accordingly, we offer developer-friendly digital signage support. If you are having trouble with a custom digital signage solution that you are building on top of Screenly, we are here to help. Complicated code is not going to scare our support team! You can reach out to Screenly Support anytime.

Get started with developer-friendly digital signage today

It has never been easier for developers to get started with digital signage. To get started today, check out Screenly OSE or the Screenly API documentation. You can also register for a free trial of Screenly’s paid version and see inside - no credit card required.

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