Digital signage for senior living communities

A senior man, a family member, and an assistant at a senior living community.

Often, people think of senior living communities as calm, slow-paced environments. However, this idea is often far from reality. Senior living communities are typically a flurry of activity, with residents, healthcare providers, family, and staff mixing together. In this environment, information-sharing is key, and digital signs can help provide everyone with the information they need when they need it.

In the post below, we cover how senior living communities can use digital signs and how their IT staff can set up digital signs quickly and easily. Read on for details.

What is a digital sign?

A digital sign is any TV or monitor that displays custom content. This content can include images, videos, web pages, and even audio content. The main components of a digital sign include the screen, a digital signage player, and digital signage software. The digital signage player is a physical device that connects to the screen via HDMI and renders content to that screen. Much like a DVD player renders a movie to a home TV, a digital signage player renders content to a digital sign.

Digital signage software often exists as cloud-based SaaS and helps users manage the content on their screens. In the past, users would have to visit each screen in person with a USB drive and keyboard to change screen content. With today’s digital signage software, users can easily change out, add, or remove content on their screens from the comfort of their laptops. Modern digital signage software also includes features such as content playlist building and scheduling, screen uptime monitoring, and alerts for malfunctioning screens.

Top use cases for digital signs in senior living communities

Digital signs can help senior living communities achieve smoother interactions between residents, visitors, and staff. Since many residents may not be comfortable using smartphone technology, digital signs are a great communication medium for real-time visual information sharing. Top use cases include:

  • Displaying daily schedules and timetables. When there are speakers and social events, digital signs can help inform residents of these events and ensure that everyone knows when and where they are happening.

  • Displaying upcoming meal menus and specials. The restaurant and cafeteria are often senior living communities’ main gathering spots. Digital signs can help inform everyone of upcoming meal info, including any necessary dietary information.

  • Displaying community member information. Part of what builds community ties at senior living centers is making sure that people are familiar with each other. Management can help build these ties by sharing resident birthdays, resident fun facts, and employee-of-the-month information on digital signs.

  • Displaying visiting hours and visiting rules. Family visitations are a key part of any senior living community, but they are also one of the most significant friction points. Using digital signs, management can help ensure that family members are aware of visitation hours, visitation areas, and guest check-in protocols.

Without digital signs, senior living communities would have to communicate this information through printed visual posters. Of course, changing our printed media requires new printouts, which costs both time and money. With digital signs, senior living communities can easily publish and change key information on their screens.

How senior living communities can get started with digital signs

Getting started with digital signs is easy. Senior living communities can now get started for free with Screenly’s 14-day free trial.

In the trial, team members can display demo content on a virtual web-browser demo screen. This tool is excellent for helping communicate digital signage to all stakeholders and getting the senior living community’s management team on board.

To get the senior living community’s custom content up and running on a screen, the next step is to purchase a digital signage player.

Have questions about digital signs at your senior living community?

We are always happy to help answer your questions. If having a chat about deploying digital signs at your senior living community would be helpful, we want to talk with you. Reach out to Screenly Support at any time.

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