What to consider when buying a digital signage display

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What to consider when buying a digital signage display

From the perspective of the people viewing your digital sign, the display is the most important part. Of course, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, digital signage players, digital signage software, content production, and more, but the end result is all your viewers care about.

That being said, it is important to have a digital signage display that both gets the job done and wows your audience. Learn more about what to consider when buying a digital signage display in the article below.

Inside or outside displays

Where is your display screen going to be? If it is inside, you can go with just about any display that accepts HDMI input. Just make sure to get a display that is large enough so that your viewers can see your content from whatever distance they will be passing.

If your display screen will be outside, you will have to deal with a few important issues. First, if your display will be in direct sunlight, you will need to ensure that the display is bright enough for the image to be viewed easily. Also, some displays need an enclosure unit to protect them from precipitation. When the screen is inside an enclosure unit, there can be several issues that arise from moisture and heat inside the unit.

Mounting your digital signage display

Consider not just where your display screen will be but how you will put it there. When purchasing a display screen, make sure that the display accepts VESA-standard mounts. With a VESA-standard mount, you can easily set your screen at a variety of viewing angles, and rest assured that your screen will stay secure with industry-standard and regulation-tested mounting hardware.

Also, be sure to encourage communication between your content production team and whoever is doing the installation. Your content team needs to know the environment they are designing content for so that they can produce the most engaging and readable content possible for your digital signs.

Display resolution for your digital sign

One big decision when launching your first digital signage deployment is whether to have 1080p Full HD or 4K content. Of course, 4K content is crisper and visually stunning, but the tension is that this content is more expensive to produce and purchase.

On the other hand, 1080p Full HD content can often get the job done just as well, as screens are usually displaying content at a distance where the finer details of 4K content cannot be appreciated anyways. Additionally, when content is less expensive to produce, businesses are able to produce more content and regularly refresh what they display on their digital signs.

While Screenly supports both 4K and 1080p Full HD content, we typically recommend that companies go with 1080p resolution. There are cheaper production costs and 1080p digital signage displays are less expensive than 4K displays.

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