Screenly Changelog Episode 4

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Screenly Changelog Episode 4

Screenly Changelog Episode 4 Industry News: Digital Signage Summit Europe, Jureskogs restaurant wait time display, digital signage security risks and legislation

Screenly Changelog Episode 4 Feature Releases: Transport for London Bus Stop Edge App, Screenly Anthias Django migration

It’s time for another episode of the Screenly Changelog! The Screenly Changelog is our monthly video update on all things digital signage. Tune in for industry happenings, company updates, and plans for the future.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Digital Signage Summit Europe
  • How a burger chain uses digital signage to display customer wait times
  • Screenly’s latest Edge App for transportation
  • An update to Screenly Anthias, Screenly’s open-source digital signage project
  • Security in digital signage and risks with outdated hardware
  • Digital signage and software bill of materials.

Digital signage industry events and innovations

First off, the 2024 Digital Signage Summit Europe was recently held in Munich. This event is one of the biggest in the industry, and it is always great to see industry peers displaying their newest innovations and offers. One of the key highlights of the event was the invidis Strategy Awards 2024 that gave recognition to those leading the way for the future of digital signage.

Another exciting happening in digital signage is with Jureskogs restaurant, a fast-casual Scandinavian burger chain. The restaurant recently used digital signage to display customer wait times at one of its airport locations. This use of digital signage is a great display of how companies can integrate business data and sensors with their deployments.

Screenly company happenings and launches

On to company happenings, Screenly recently launched our Transport for London (TFL) Bus Stop Edge App. This app displays the bus status and times for any given TFL bus stop. While this Edge App is built for the TFL network, the app can be customized easily for different transport services. This Edge App is an example of our broader strategy for both creating apps that are ready-to-go and creating starter digital signage applications for developers that can be customized and added on to for a range of specific use cases.

Next up with Screenly, we have an important update for Screenly Anthias. Screenly Anthias was our first digital signage offering, which remains entirely open source on GitHub. It is a great solution for technically-minded users who just need one or two screens. The update on Anthias is that we are transitioning the project to the Django framework. The motivation behind this work is that it will be easier for Screenly developers who work on the project to maintain it. Additionally, it will be easier for non-Screenly contributors to add to the project.

Digital signage security risks and precautions

We then end the episode with a broad discussion on security in digital signage. We drill down on the risks associated with some fly-by-night digital signage companies and their questionable hardware. Security risks in digital signage do not end with a screen displaying inappropriate information. These risks also extend to hackers using digital signs as a pathway to sensitive company data and business systems. We also discuss software-bill-of-materials and how keeping accurate records is an important part of digital signage security. Check out Sccreenly’s recent security efforts, including our focus on SBOMs, at the link here.

Next steps for your digital signage deployment

That’s all for our fourth episode of the Screenly Changelog! We look forward to talking again next month and covering the latest events in digital signage.

If you are new to digital signage or just new to Screenly, you can get started right now for free. We offer a free trial with no credit card required, and you can see inside the Screenly platform and test it out immediately. You can even display your content without digital signage hardware by using our virtual screen feature and your web browser. Sign up for your digital signage free trial here.

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