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Screenly's Year in Review - A Transformative Journey

As the year draws to a close, many companies tend to highlight their achievements, often with great enthusiasm. At Screenly, we’re also reflecting on our progress, but this year has been genuinely transformative for us.

Over the last few years, we’ve engaged in extensive soul searching at Screenly, culminating in a clear vision for the future. Our vision crystalized into a transformative goal: evolving Screenly into a versatile screen operating system designed by and for developers, transcending traditional digital signage boundaries.

A pivotal achievement in August was the launch of our innovative Edge Apps, in tandem with our advanced CLI, propelling us toward our ambitious vision. These innovations have already garnered industry recognition, setting the stage for further exciting developments in 2024.

Our commitment to enhancing user experience led to a comprehensive overhaul of our marketing site and web interface. Looking ahead, we’re excited to introduce even more improvements.

A significant addition to our product lineup was the Player Max, a custom-built digital signage player. Designed with enterprise needs in mind, it combines robust performance with enhanced security, perfectly complementing our Edge Apps.

Reflecting on 2023, these milestones are what I’m most proud of. It’s been a year of significant progress and groundbreaking developments at Screenly. We are also tremendously grateful for our team, both the longstanding members and the new hires, whose dedication and talent have been a driving force behind our success. This year’s annual team summit in Turkey was not only a celebration of our achievements but also a testament to our strong, collaborative spirit.

As we celebrate these achievements, we’re also thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Nerding Out with Viktor,’ a podcast sponsored by Screenly. Starting January 1st, join us for in-depth technical conversations with industry leaders, available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and YouTube.

Stay tuned for more updates as Screenly continues to redefine the digital signage landscape!

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CEO and Co-founder of Screenly. Viktor loves taking ideas and turning them into products and services. You can frequently find him on the speaking circuit around the globe. He spent a big part of his adult life as a digital nomad. Viktor is also passionate about DevOps and IoT security. You can find Viktor on Twitter under @vpetersson.

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