Reactive digital signage - where IoT meet digital signage

With IoT technologies and Screenly, we're able to build amazing digital signage solutions. Digital signage solutions that can react based on external triggers, such as weather conditions or sensors.

In recent years, one of the fastest growing technology segments has been Internet of Things (IoT). For many consumers, this means putting WiFi in everything from fridges to scales and thermostats and add an app where you can monitor/control the device.

From a commercial perspective however, having IoT enabled devices can open a lot of possibilities. Historically, all sensors and devices lived in silos. A sensor from one vendor could not be used with other vendor. A good IoT strategy can tear down such silos and allow devices and systems to integrate with one another.

Now you may wonder: how does IoT relate to digital signage? Let us explain.

Digital signage and IoT in retail

In order to run a successful digital signage campaign, it is no longer sufficient to just display a slideshow of images or videos in a loop. These days, you need something more. Something that makes your screens stand out from all other screens with messages that customers get bombarded with every day. This is where IoT and timely messaging comes into the picture.

Using Screenly’s API and IoT devices, we’re able to dynamically change the content of screens based on external triggers. Depending on what vertical you are in, these triggers will vary. In retail for instance, it could be a rain or temperature sensor that activates/de-activates a given campaign (perhaps for umbrellas) based on the weather.

Rain and temperature sensors are just some examples of what can be used in reactive digital signage. Another example would be proximity sensors. For instance, you can change the content when someone walks by the screen or display a particular ad depending on what item the customer picks up from the shelf.

Reactive digital signage in the office

If you’re using digital signage player to drive screens at your office walls for internal communication, you perhaps want the screens to change content if your CRM system indicates that you’ve hit the monthly sales targets.

Getting started

The beauty of reactive digital signage with Screenly is that you can build it yourself. Through our digital signage API, you’re able to directly interact with screens and change content yourself. As such, contrary to other systems, you do not have to rely on us to write your custom integrations.

We’ve also partnered up with EVRYTHNG and integrated our systems. This means that any sensor that can be used with EVRYTHING’s platform can be used as a trigger our reactive digital signage solution.

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