Getting started with Screenly

Start uploading content and managing your digital signage in a few simple steps.

To start using Screenly, you need...

A Screenly Player

The device delivers content from your Screenly account to your screen. Purchase your own Screenly Player or Screenly Player Max at the link here, or build your own with a Raspberry Pi.

A Compatible Screen

Any 1080p HD TV or monitor with HDMI input will work. You can also purchase a professional-grade, 40"-78" NEC display with a built-in digital signage player. For a compatible NEC display, contact us to learn more.

An Internet Connection

To communicate with your Screenly account, each digital signage player needs an internet connection via ethernet, WiFi, or mobile data via a SIM card. In the event of an interruption to your internet connection, an offline Screenly Player or Screenly Player Max will continue to display content for several days.

An overview of digital signage basics


A "screen" refers to your TV or monitor that is hooked up to a Screenly Player. Once you log in to your Screenly account, you can add one or multiple screens with ease.

Within your Screenly account, you can check if each screen is healthy and working properly.Watch the video to the right on how to add a screen.


Tags allow you to group related screens and manage multiple screens at once. You can add multiple tags to each screen and remove tags as you please.

Note: There is always one tag called "All Screens". This is the default tag for all your Screens, and you cannot change or remove this tag.


Content refers to all media for your digital signs, including web pages, images, and videos.

Within your Screenly account, you can upload, delete, and edit each content listing. Screenly displays content in beautiful 1080p Full HD resolution.


Playlists are organised lists of content that you wish to play in a sequence.

You can edit playlist details, including the playlist's title, start and end dates, tags associated with each playlist, and the content within each playlist.

Note: There is a default "Play on All Screens" playlist. Content within this default playlist will play on all of your screens automatically.

Display your best content with Screenly digital signs.

Screenly is loaded with features to make digital signage management easy.

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