It's Expandable

Screenly digital signage is expendable.

Screenly is unique in that it simultaneously provides both the easiest digital signage solution and the most expandable digital signage solution on the market. By expandable, we mean Screenly can adapt and scale to your business’s personal and changing digital signage needs.

Screenly can work with just one digital signage display or with an enterprise-grade fleet of digital signage screens across multiple business locations. No matter how complex or large your digital signage network, Screenly makes it easy to deploy and manage your digital signage content and digital signage screens.

Additionally, Screenly offers a robust API to its users. This allows you and your developers to build custom programs and services on top of Screenly that help serve your business’s digital signage needs. Screenly’s API uses RESTful and JSON. At this time, Screenly’s API is invite-only, however you can get access by signing up here.