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A digital signage installation can be a positive addition to communal spaces on corporate campuses. A digital sign can serve as a useful communication tool for both customers and employees; the technology can help companies promote the corporate brand, build culture, and even woo clients. Take a look below to learn what you need to launch a digital signage deployment on your corporate campus and how you can use digital signs most effectively.

What do I need for a corporate campus digital sign?

“Digital sign” simply refers to a display screen that can show content. However, while the ideas behind digital signage technology are simple, you’ll need to put together a few components before turning on your first digital display. You will need hardware and software to get your corporate campus digital sign up and running. After the initial set up, your digital sign should be quite easy to manage and maintain.

To launch your digital sign, you will first need to purchase digital signage software. This software is typically available through a monthly subscription, and the software allows you to manage the content on your digital sign via an online web interface. This software is particularly useful for companies that have multiple digital signs, as is the case with most digital sign deployments on corporate campuses. Instead of an employee having to physically travel to each digital sign and manually upload new content via a USB drive, the employee can schedule and change content for multiple signs at once in just a few clicks.

Next, you will need to purchase a digital signage player for each of your screens. A digital signage player is a physical device that displays your content on your screen. Just like a DVD player renders DVD content to your T.V., a digital signage player renders digital signage content to your digital sign. There are a variety of different types of digital signage players, so do your research before making your purchase. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need a super-computer digital signage player for most use cases. You can save on the initial purchase cost as well as on ongoing electricity costs by purchasing the simplest digital signage player that suits your needs.

A corporate campus digital sign in an office building.

What should I display on my corporate campus digital sign?

Most digital signs can display image, video, and motion-graphic content in 1080p Full HD resolution. Additionally, some digital signage players can also display live web pages, even if the web pages are protected behind a username and password. To learn more on how to log into websites with digital signage, check out our article on displaying secure web pages with digital signage.

Depending on how long your company has been around, one great option is to display content on the company’s history. This content is excellent for branding, and it can help instill a sense of where the company has been and where the company is going among employees and visitors. This content can include videos on the company’s founding story, past product lineups, and a timeline of significant accomplishments.

Similarly, your corporate digital sign can display content that focuses on the here and now of the company. This content can include information on new company initiatives, which can include new business programs as well as new corporate social responsibility and community engagement programs. Additionally, such content can feature recent company successes such as project milestones or recently awarded contracts and partnerships.

Of course, the location of your digital sign within the corporate campus influences what content is appropriate to display. The previous content ideas work great for public or even semi-public environments where employees, customers, contractors, and visitors interact. However, digital signs can also be used in more private settings to display private business information. For example, boardrooms and desk areas can use digital signs to display current business metrics and KPIs for each team. Check out our post on using digital signs for business dashboards to learn more. Additionally, digital signage can be used with smaller screens to display meeting room bookings.

What do I do next to set up my corporate digital sign?

To get started, you will first need to sign up for an online account with Screenly digital signage software. As mentioned, this software will allow you to change and schedule content for your digital sign quickly and easily. Second, you will need to buy a digital signage player for each of your digital signs. The Screenly Player is a robust digital signage player that can display image, video, and webpage content in 1080p Full HD resolution. Additionally, the Screenly Player is a compact and energy-efficient digital signage player - it fits in the palm of your hand and only requires 3 watts of electricity to run. You can purchase the Screenly Player via our Screenly Box 0 product, which includes a Screenly Player and all necessary cables.

If you need any help regarding plans for corporate campus digital signage, don’t hesitate to reach out to Screenly Support. We are happy to answer questions regarding your specific needs and technical requirements for your digital signage deployment.

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