Updates to the Screenly Weather App

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Updates to the Screenly Weather App

Digital signs must display relevant, targeted, and timely information to viewers. Accordingly, displaying local weather is a great use for digital signs. Screenly makes this easy with Screenly Weather App located in the Screenly App Store.

What is the Screenly Weather App?

The Screenly Weather App provides users with a simple link that provides real-time weather information for any location. Users simply need to enter their location, and the provided link will automatically update to include this location change. The user then simply pastes this link as a URL asset in their Screenly online account. After scheduling the asset to display at a given time, that’s it!

The Screenly Weather App is super easy to use, and it provides great content for your digital sign. Additionally, the Screenly Weather App is optimized to run on the low-cost, energy-efficient Raspberry Pi minicomputer. It is also free for all users, regardless of whether or not you are a current Screenly user.

This image is of a screenshot from the Screenly digital sign weather app.

The updates

Recently, we updated the Screenly Weather App to include some useful and exciting features. First, we now support dozens of languages, so you can now use the Screenly Weather App around the world. Considering the Screenly Weather App can provide real time weather information for any location, this multi-language support was a natural and needed update. We also added the current and next-day wind speed to the display. This information is relevant when users are planning what coat to bring, as a heightened wind speed can make a cold day feel much colder. We also added 12H and 24H time format options, so you can display the time in your preferred setting.

How to get started

To get started with the Screenly Weather App, make sure you have digital signage management software so that scheduling and displaying the weather app is fast and efficient. Then visit the Screenly Weather App page to get started!

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